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Jul 1
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Keeping Your Guests Entertained: Corporate Events (Part 1)

Deciding to organize a corporate event for your customers or employees is one thing; keeping them entertained is something different altogether. If you want your guests to walk away feeling as though they’ve gained something, you need some entertainment. Sure, food will keep them happy and a few drinks will get the afternoon/evening going but you need something else for the guests to really feel valued. If you’re nodding along in agreement, we have some fantastic tips in this two-part article!


#1: Consider Your Guests – Before we launch into a list of superb ideas for your corporate event, you first have to pay attention to the guests themselves. Who are they? What age are they? Do you know their likes/dislikes? The more you know about your guests, the closer you can get to keeping them happy. If your average customer is retired, you aren’t going to want to introduce a sports day or a technology-driven event (unless the technology is manned). Just as you do when building products or a marketing strategy, you need to keep the guest as the number one concern.


#2: Photo Booth – We highly recommend photo booths because they allow each guest to walk away with a memory. Especially for clients, they get home and take the photo from their jacket or bag and it’ll become a reminder of their loyalty and your appreciation. For clients, it allows them all to interact without awkwardness; for employees, they already know each other and will love trying different snaps. With Abbey Road Entertainment, you can choose between green screen booths, social booths, slo-mo booths, and even a booth that creates a flipbook.


#3: Casino Hire – If you want an event that never stands still, a casino is the perfect solution. As long as your customers aren’t mainly children (a casino would be a bad idea here), this is a superb idea because it introduces some friendly competition, there is always something to do for all the guests, and it boosts morale for employees in particular. When creating an event for clients, it can be tricky to find something everyone will enjoy but casinos are a brilliant middle ground. For those who don’t understand how to play certain games, others can explain and this gets them talking and working together.


#4: Virtual Reality – In the past couple of years, virtual reality (VR) has taken over the gaming world and you can hire all the equipment required for your corporate event. With a headset, a TV (for the other guests to watch), and a complete gaming area, fun games can be introduced. Normally, watching other people game can be a little boring because you just want to play yourself. However, VR provides fun for all because the player is immersed into their own world and the viewers can watch and laugh along. For those not quite used to gaming, the experience is even more fun and all guests will have a smile on their face.


With these four considerations and ideas, your guests will remain entertained and your business will benefit from loyal customers and motivated employees. Also, people looking in from the outside on social media will soon be jealous and want to work with you.


That’s it for part one but be sure to keep an eye out for the second instalment in this series!

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