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Jul 8
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Keeping Your Guests Entertained: Corporate Events (Part 2)

Previously, we went over some great ideas to keep your guests entertained during a corporate event. Although you might have planned food, drink, and a speech, there’s still a significant amount of time left untouched which is why we’ve created this two-part series of ideas. Depending on the tone of your event, you might want to use one of these ideas or maybe even combine two or more. Without further ado, let’s continue on our list.


#5: Inflatable Games – As children, we all loved to play on inflatables and, despite what some might say, this satisfaction we get still exists inside all of us. Therefore, why not look into some inflatables? We aren’t saying you should hire a bouncy castle but what about an inflatable pool table? If you’re planning an afternoon BBQ for your employees, their families, and all clients, this is a great idea. Utilizing soccer balls as pool balls, the inflatable table will soon get competitions started and the fun will begin.


#6: PacMan Battle – If you’re planning a more serious corporate event, you might want to skip to the next suggestion but PacMan Battle will bring everybody back to their childhoods and get the competition going once again. Somehow, PacMan seems to bring even strangers together so it makes for great corporate event entertainment.


#7: Sports Cards – If you do happen to be holding a serious corporate event, you need something that will add value without distracting the guests from your message. For example, having a huge inflatable pool table in the middle of a hall during a product launch probably wouldn’t help too much. However, small sports cards with the face and name of each guest will work wonders.


On-site, the pictures will be taken and the cards created; they essentially work like a business card. As the guest goes home and pulls the card from their pocket, they remember the event and how good it was. Soon after, they’re showing the card to family, friends, and colleagues around the city and your phone doesn’t stop ringing.


#8: Simulators – Finally, you can boost your event with one of many simulators. Depending on how many guests you have coming, you can choose from racing car simulators, VR headsets, golf simulators, soccer simulators, and biking, skiing, or carnival games. With these, they look big and obvious so will immediately grab the attention of everyone who walks into the venue. Furthermore, you’ll find guests going back to make sure they still have the high score; you could even award a prize (small company discount on one order) to whoever has the highest score at the end of the event.


There we have it, eight different ways of keeping your guests entertained. As long as you consider your guests and what they’re looking for, you won’t have any problems keeping them entertained and they’ll walk away happy to be working with/for you.


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