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Sep 6
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Make Sure To Choose The Proper Event Entertainment

Proper event entertainment can make or break your corporate event. Good entertainment can do all sorts of positive things for your company and its future. It can help you define your company’s culture, create buzz for a new product and it helps provide a much-needed break for your attendees. You can also use corporate event entertainment to create an atmosphere of exclusivity where a certain act is there just for your employees, colleagues and prized customers. But choosing the right entertainment is critical. Here’s how to do it.


Define The Corporate Event Entertainment’s Role


You have to ask yourself what you want to achieve with your corporate event entertainment. Do you want to help define and manage your company’s culture? Do you want to blow the socks off your attendees? Or do you just want to provide them with a break from concentrating on the informational sessions?


You can choose from a variety of corporate event entertainment acts. A magician performs what seems impossible but you can use that kind of entertainment to define your company’s culture of reaching for the impossible. Or you can bring in a band to become the focal point of a certain period of time. Essentially, the corporate event becomes a mini-concert for a short period of time. Or you can just bring in a band to supply background music during the event. The list of options are limitless and are only contained by your imagination.


Budget Constraints


Every corporate event planner wants to take the stage through a cloud of smoke while fireworks shoot off. But not every company has the budget for such grand entrances. You need to define your budget before choosing your corporate event entertainment.


Live bands that demand to be the focal point are generally the most expensive versions of corporate event entertainment. Background music bands tend to be more affordable. And DJs are the most affordable because there is only one person. You just need to do a cost-benefit analysis. A DJ may be more affordable but you tend to lose a bit of crowd energy at the same time.


Venue Considerations


Make sure to pick a venue that suits your corporate event entertainment needs. It’s always more affordable to bring in a live band if your venue has a pre-existing PA system. You don’t want to be caught with the cost of the live band on top of renting loudspeakers.


More intimate corporate events can have comedians or magicians playing to smaller crowds. You can even have a magician roaming the crowd putting on magic tricks for individuals. Just make sure to marry your corporate event entertainment with your prospective venue.


Theme Considerations


Many corporate events have themes. The theme you choose will go a long way in dictating what kind of corporate event entertainment you hire. A Jimmy Buffett cover band would look a bit out of place in a corporate event with a futuristic theme.


You can always work backwards to stay under budget. Find an affordable live band in the area and then create your theme around their music.


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