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Nov 30
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How to Throw The Best NBA-Themed Corporate Party

Want to throw a proper NBA themed party for your company and co-workers? We sure do! But, how? It is not a simple as it seems. It takes a lot of planning, booking and most importantly: the correct equipment. That’s how you can make your event a huge success! The first thing you’ll need to get is the right event planner that knows what NBA is all about and one that can set you up with awesome NBA themed activities. 

Finding The Best Event Planner

As mentioned, the first step is getting the right event planner that has the experience of throwing NBA parties. It is not good enough to have just the equipment alone, you need to know how to deliver it, show how to use and at the same time you have to be able to answer all the questions that might come with it all. Ultimately, you have to know all the ins & outs of these types of parties.  Many of the event planners simply deliver the stuff and leave it for the attendees to use and expect them to figure out how it works themselves. This can lead to confusion and even damages of the equipment which can be costly.

You have to find an event planning company that is willing to go above and beyond that and show everybody how a party like this really works! 

NBA-Themed Activities to Keep the Party Going

So you’ve got the right planner, but now you need to get the right activities set-up. Our first recommendation is an NBA Jam rental arcade machine as one of the options for having an ideal fun-packed event. This way you can have your fellow co-workers compete to see who can make the most shots in a row and how creatively they can do it! This activity will have your event rocking the whole time. Before you know it, there will constantly be  players who want to go for another try at this machine, again and again.                              

Do you want to step up the action another notch? It’s always great to get your colleagues up and active! In addition to the NBA arcade machine, you can have an actual inflatable basketball station. Who can get the most balls in? Is it your fellow co-worker who works beside you or the accountant from down the hall? Or maybe it’s you! You will never know until you give it a try! The best part of it all is that this activity is that it’s super fun, and test’s everyone’s hoop skills!

For those who are looking for a more realistic feel to their shoot-at-the-hoop experience, you can always get an original basketball arcade machine. This is a classic that will have all of your co-workers excited! The whole point is to have options. Different styles give different experiences and this is what counts: the experience and what you and your partners can compare and contrast with. Some may want a more engaging machine and others might want a more traditional feel. The whole point is that you get to learn more about your fellow colleagues that you wouldn’t discover on the work floor. 

Virtual Reality Experiences

And now for the most life-changing experience: virtual gaming. Imagine playing basketball right away without being at a basketball court. Can you picture how it is really like to have Michael Jordan right in front of you? Or how about Steve Nash? This is a must try! These types of experiences really do leave an imprint in your mind forever. Your friends and co-workers will be chatting about this modern way of entertainment for a long time to come, guaranteed. The goal is to think outside the box!  

Create Your Own Sports Card

Before you leave your corporate event, you might want to hold something in your hands as a memory of your good time with your co-workers. This is why it is great to have sports cards created that commemorates it. By having a photo of you framed and fellow attendees  in a sports-style theme, you can have this event saved in your pocket forever. Ah, the good ol’ times…

Watch the Big Game

You have played the games and you feel all pumped up, but you also feel like you need to taper off with some more excitement and entertainment before you leave your corporate event for the night. Well, why not watch an actual game on the big screen!? Watch your favourite basketball teams like the Raptors or the Mavericks play! How about rewatching the Raptors winning the Finals; the time when they beat the Warriors? How exciting! Indeed, an NBA night doesn’t feel complete without watching at least one real game being played. 

Kick Back and Enjoy!

All of these activities will surely have you remembering your corporate event for years to come! With an NBA kind of twist to it, it really is a whole new experience. From game stations, to memorable cards to watching the game, there is no telling how much fun you will have bonding with your fellow colleagues! So, why not get an event planner to do all of this for you, forget about the hassle of getting the things in, and kick-back and enjoy the best event you ever had in recent memory?

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