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Oct 6
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Organizing a Corporate Event: How-To Guide

Organizing a corporate event isn’t as easy as one may think. There are so many details that go into such an event that careful planning is key to making a very strong impact on the guests in attendance. This corporate event how-to will make sure that your next event is both enjoyable and memorable.

Why a Corporate Event?

Corporate events come in all different shapes and sizes. It is a time to strengthen the company’s culture and provide a positive and rewarding experience for not only its employees, but also the clients. Depending on the purpose of the event, you can utilize this time to make a positive impact on your company.

A few great reasons to host a corporate event are:

• Rewarding Employees or Top Clients
• Celebrating Company Successes
• Improving Morale
• Introducing or Reinforcing Policies
• Strategic Planning
• Marketing & Lead Generation
• Thanking Clients For Their Business
• New Product Launches
• Network & Relationship Building

Deciding on a Theme for Your Corporate Event

Deciding on a theme for a corporate event is one of the most important topics to consider when planning an event. Think about the reasoning for the event, who the target audience will be and plan accordingly. Also, consider what you want to accomplish from your corporate event. Do you want to build client relationships, inspire change, acknowledge accomplishments, or seek growth?

Here are a few simple ideas when deciding on a theme for your event:

• Making a Difference – This is a perfect theme if you are wanting to encourage your employees to step up and make a difference in the company. Brainstorm ideas as to how to better the workplace environment, how to help the community, or even how to make a change individually for the better.

• Overcoming Obstacles – If your company is facing challenges, this is a great way to build confidence in your employees. Talk about ways they can challenge themselves, how to strive for bigger and better things, and ignite that fire and passion to get them excited about what’s to come.

• Leaders of Success – An amazing way to share all of the hard working employees or wonderful clients you are working with, why not celebrate their successes individually. Recognition is a great way to inspire further success.

Choosing the Location of Your Corporate Event

Once you have a rough estimate of how many guests will be in attendance, now it is time to venture out and find the best possible location to hold your event. Set your budget and be sure to discuss the costs, the number of hours you have access to the venue, and if they are compliant with the caterers, bartenders and security if needed.

Corporate Event Festivities

One of the biggest takeaways one can leave the corporate event with is the experience. Will there be a guest speaker, comedian, band or instrumentalist? When finding entertainment for your event, seek out local agencies that can help connect you with the right entertainer for your corporate event.

Here are a few things to ask yourself when thinking about planning the event festivities:

• Will your venue be able to hold such entertainment?
• Does the entertainment you are planning suit your audience?
• Do you have the budget for the added festivities?

How to Advertise Your Corporate Event

Once you have your location, an idea on how many guests will be in attendance and your theme, now you need to make it a point to advertise your event. Send out invitations, create an email list or post an advertisement on social media. Getting your audience interested and excited before the event is important for a great turnout.

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