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Oct 18
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Party Rentals – 5 Considerations For Your Event

If you’re holding an event this year for your staff members and their families, clients, suppliers, shareholders, or anyone else, you may have considered party rentals. For example, this could be anything from karaoke rentals to game show rentals. Rather than rushing into the decision, we urge you to stick with us today because we have the key considerations you need to make.

Guests – First and foremost, the party rentals you choose needs to tie in with your audience. If your guests are quite sporty, the simulator rentals could prove to be a success because they include racing car simulators, golf simulators, alpine skiing simulators, and more. Throughout the evening, you might be able to hold a competition for the top score with a prize for the winner. If your guests are all strangers to one another, this is a great way to get them talking.

Location – Once you have your guests in mind, you then need to consider the space you have available. If you’re holding the event in your office, for example, you might not have room for a simulator. However, you could go for a carnival game simulator on a big screen or even a small karaoke machine. As long as you consider the available space, you won’t have all guests crammed into a room with little space to move.

Your Goals – Next up, we recommend seriously considering what you want to get out of the event. Are you saying ‘thank you’ to all staff? Are you appreciating your clients and trying to boost your relationship? Are you using it as a method of getting your brand name out there via social media? Are you combining all three of these goals into one large event? As a business owner, you know how badly things can go when you don’t consider your goals so be honest with yourself and make this consideration.

Budget – With so many affordable solutions in the world right now, including what we have available at Abbey Road Entertainment, there’s actually no need to break your budget so we recommend sitting down to assess the amount you have available to invest in the event. Once you know exactly, you can choose an appropriate venue before then adding to your venue with superb rentals. Depending on the funds you have, you can choose anything from simple disco lights to a full-scale simulator machine.

With some companies, they can even provide food for the guests in the shape of classic cotton candy machines, popcorn machines, ‘sno kone’ machines, and more. For your branding and public image, this will be highly beneficial and it also allows your guests to have more fun.

popcorn machine party rentals

Weather – In the summertime, you might have more freedom to host an outdoor event with sports equipment, various games, and a BBQ for your guests and their families. During the winter, you’ll be a little bit more restricted so keep this in mind. If you’re somewhere between summer and winter and the weather has been somewhat unpredictable, we recommend choosing an indoor venue or at least having an indoor venue as a backup just in case the morning doesn’t quite go to plan.

Summary – If you keep these five considerations in mind when organizing your corporate event and hiring party rentals, there’s no reason why you can’t have a successful event. Soon enough, your staff will feel valued, your clients will be happy with their choice, suppliers will be willing to go the extra mile, and your business will have a positive public image!

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