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Nov 30
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People to Thank before Holidays Party Season

As we near the holiday party season, the 2017 business year is coming to an end. Whether this will be your first Christmas break or your twentieth, it’s always good to spend the season of giving thinking about the people that have helped your business to grow this year. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of stakeholders you should thank before you take your break!


As perhaps the most obvious candidates on this list, your employees are one of the most important features of your business. Every single day, they work hard to bring your ideas to life and keep all customers happy. Sure, you might think about the big picture but your employees are the ones that keep the business alive whether it’s through their happy service to customers, dealing with complaints, keeping the systems up-to-date, or thinking of new ideas.

As the customer-facing area of your business, it’s always good to show your appreciation to employees during the holiday season. After a long year of hard work, they need to be rewarded so they’re motivated to return in the New Year and do it all again. With a simple party, for example, they feel valued.


Next up, where would we be if we didn’t have customers? As many companies now know after failing in 2017, the answer to this question isn’t a pleasant one. Therefore, we recommend treating your customers in some way to say ‘thank you’. With a simple gift, they feel as though they’re with the right company. Your name will be first on the list of important partners when they review their buying decisions after the holiday season comes to an end.

Often, businesses are put off throwing a gathering with customers because they feel it’ll be awkward but we don’t think this has to be the case with karaoke rentals, games, casinos, photo booths, food, and even performers.


Do you have suppliers that adhere to your every need on a weekly basis? Perhaps you order raw materials and they make sure you can keep customers happy? If so, a small gift their way won’t do any harm. By showing that you appreciate their service, you might get a small holiday discount and they’ll be happier to go the extra mile to meet your needs in the future.

Management and Owners

After these three important stakeholders, don’t forget the management and owners (including the role you hold within the business). If you’ve worked hard, let your hair down for the end-of-year gathering. Sing karaoke with your employees, and get involved with the photos. The moment you do this, you allow your employees to see you in a more relaxed light which, once a year, isn’t a bad thing. If you can build a connection with them, they’ll do all they can to keep you happy next year.


At Abbey Road Entertainment, we can provide you with everything you need to celebrate your stakeholders this holiday season!

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