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Dec 11
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How to Plan a Memorable Corporate Event

How to Plan a Memorable Corporate Event

When you’re planning a corporate event, choosing entertainment is important because it makes your event a memorable one. The right entertainment will make your guests flock to your event. The fear of hosting a boring corporate event can prevent you from planning. Here are some steps to create your most memorable event yet.


Determine Your Goals


The first thing you should do is consider your goals for your corporate event. What’s the purpose of this event? Why do you want your company to host it? Do you want to attract more clients? Do you want your employees to get something out of it? Is it your annual corporate event where you attract new customers?

Finding out the “why” of your event can help you determine what you need to make it memorable. The brainstorming process should be relatively easy to figure out. The next thing you should do is to learn your audience, choose the right location, and choose the appropriate entertainment for that event.


Know Your Audience


It’s not all about your company. It’s about your audience as well. Consider who’s attending your corporate event. Some themes may not be appropriate for your clients. Your clients may not want to attend an event where your employees are present as well.

Who do you want to invite to your event? What’s the age range of the guests? Is this event for employees only or clients only? If it’s an employee event, is it adult-only, or are children allows?

Are you all of the attendees from the surrounding area, or are they from various parts of the country or world? If so, consider the costs of transportation and lodging. Decide whether they’ll have to incur the costs for travel.


Choose the Right Venue


You need to choose a location that fits your event’s theme. You’re not limited to a banquet hall or hotel ballroom for your event. If you’re looking to provide a memorable experience, consider an indoor or outdoor parking lot. You can also host your event at an Airbnb.

If you’re still having trouble coming up with a theme, your event can give you some much-needed inspiration. If you want to host it at a winery, then focus on an Italian theme. If you align your venue with your theme, you’ll be able to create a memorable event that will be talked about for weeks to come.


Crunch Your Numbers


Always keep your budget in mind when planning your event. You should come up with a budget before coming up with a guest list or choosing a location. This will allow you to make a responsible decision to avoid any surprises or an increase in your budget. Be mindful when sending out invites. Make sure that you book a venue that can hold a few extra guests. You never know if they’ll be last-minute guests or plus ones.


Align Entertainment With Your Goals and Theme


When you determined your audience and theme, it’s time to think about the entertainment. What do you want your attendees to experience? Do you want them to take away something valuable? Book industry-related speakers and motivational speakers.

Do you want to educate them on the technological developments in the industry? Have them network with tech leaders. Do you want them entertained? Then hire a DJ or live band that will get them dancing the night away.

Maybe you want to create a comfortable environment for collaborating and networking opportunities. You want to make sure your guests are having a good time and taking something valuable from this experience.

The best thing you can do is to look towards your company’s mission. What are your business values? Use this as a guiding factor when you’re choosing your theme, venue, or entertainment. If your event’s goals and mission aren’t clearly defined, then you’ll need to determine it before choosing a theme.

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