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Aug 28
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Post Event Surveys

How do you measure the success of your corporate event? One of the easiest ways is with a survey. A post event survey will not just give you some data on turnout, but can help you improve on the next event.

What Questions to Ask

An e-mail survey is a simple way to follow up with attendees to gauge how they felt about the event. Specific questions about how event goers enjoyed the speaker, venue and food will give you an overall impression of the event experience.

Your questions could offer a scale of 1 to 10 for an answer. For instance, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you enjoy the keynote speaker?

Questions could simply require a “yes” or “no” answer. Do you feel more knowledgeable about product “XYZ” after attending our event?

Other questions could be “more or less likely” follow up inquiries. An example would be, would you be more or less likely to recommend product “XYZ” to a friend?

After the question section of the survey leave a space for comments. One way to get survey respondents to fill in the comments section is to give a prompt, such as how would you describe the event or product to a co-worker?


Since sponsors helped fund your event it is important to know how they felt the event unfolded. Unless it was prearranged an e-mail will not really be sufficient to both thank and ask a sponsor’s post event reaction. Set up a conference call or face to face meeting.

A sponsor has a different vantage point than an event attendee, so their opinion may be different. Stay open to a sponsor’s feedback and consider any ideas they offer, so that a long term relationship can be grown. A profitable and satisfying sponsor partnership can last years and help in planning any future events.

Survey Response Rates

The higher the response rate to your survey the more fair the consensus of information, so the goal is to encourage attendees to take the survey. Everyone is time crunched, so make sure the survey is short. State that it will only take 5 minutes to answer. Offer an e-book or gift card as incentive to finish the survey. Incentives are a proven method to increase survey responses.

A great corporate event turnout is really not enough to gauge success. A follow up survey will help you learn what worked and what fell short of event goers expectations. Your customer’s and sponsor’s impressions can help you not only improve on your next event, but build toward long term relationships.

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