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Aug 27
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How to Promote Your Corporate Event and Achieve Maximum Turnout

A well-planned corporate event can be an experience that everyone involved will remember for years to come. The ability to bring many people together for a common cause brings out the best in others and can be fun. The hard part is getting people to come. These days, many people are extremely busy and it is difficult to get them to show up for an event. Creating turnout depends largely on how you promote your corporate event, and here are some good ways to promote your event:

Get as Many People Involved as Possible

The more people who are taking part in your event, the more are likely to come for a few reasons. To start, people tend to take a project more seriously if they have a personal stake in it. They will also be more likely to tell their friends. Many people you know will know others you don’t know; this is called the “strength of weak ties.” By involving more people and extending your network, you will increase turnout.

Promote Your Corporate Event on Social Media and Create a Website

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, people rely heavily on social media to stay aware of what’s going on. Promoting the event on social media will help spread the word, and people involved with the event can once again invite friends. People can learn more about the event on social media and if they forget the time of the event, it is right there for them to look up. If warranted, create a website for the event which will inform people why it is happening, what will be happening and why they should go. Try to find a hook which will make people want to come. Perhaps there will be incredible food, or a popular band. There are many possibilities and it is important make people excited about attending.

Emails and Calling

People are more likely to attend an event they have personally been invited to. Even the most outgoing people often feel a bit apprehensive about going someplace where they may not know anyone or feel welcome. However, if people are personally invited it gives them the feeling that at least one person wants them there, which makes them feel more comfortable about going. Even a mass Email feels more personal than nothing at all.

Keep the Buzz Going

Modern times can be very stressful and it’s very easy for people to forget about what is coming up if they are not reminded. Keep promoting the event, especially as it nears and try to have interesting promotions; try to create excitement. This will make others more likely to take interest. If they are invited, know other people who will be there and feel welcome to attend, they will be more likely to come.

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