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Dec 14
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Questions to Ask Before Creating Corporate Events

Every year, thousands of corporate events go poorly. After having the idea of creating an event, managers and owners tend to jump into the planning without really thinking or researching at all. To prevent making this mistake, we have some simple questions you should ask before spending a penny!


What’s Our Aim?

With every corporate event, you’re going to have an objective. Whether this is to make your employees feel special, strengthen the relationship with your clients, or launch a brand-new product. As you can imagine, all three of these corporate events have different requirements. Creating a generic evening just isn’t going to yield the results you desire.


For example, game simulators and arcade machines will go down a treat for your employees but they won’t work for a product launch (you don’t want the guests to be distracted!). Instead, you might choose a photo booth or some entertainers.


What’s Our Budget?

For us, there’s nothing wrong with having a budget; in fact, it helps those with less money because you get more value for your investment. Once you know your budget, you’ll have an idea for what you can afford while researching. In the market today, there are numerous affordable solutions including photo booths, cotton candy machines, and more.


Where’s the Best Venue?

Sadly, one reason why a certain percentage of these events fail is because the business doesn’t consider the venue. If you put the event out of reach for all, your desired audience won’t attend and this is a huge problem. If it’s a Christmas party for your employees, your venue needs to be in the office or somewhere nearby because you know they can get there without an issue. If you were to create a party 50 miles from your office, you’re taking a risk because not everybody will drive or even be willing to travel that far.


How Can We Be Unique?

For decades, businesses have been planning corporate events so how are you going to make yours different? Rather than falling into the same traps and planning an event we’ve all seen before, why not talk to professionals (like the experts we have here at Abbey Road Entertainment!)? Whether it comes through a DJ service, casino rental, or even a game show event, we can adhere to the needs of your guests while respecting the aim and budget.


How Can We Make the Event Appropriate?

Finally, we all have our own goals in a business. However, we should never breach our culture or ethics just to gain a result. Therefore, any event you create needs to tie in with your overall company message. If you’re all about protecting the environment, you can’t then have monster trucks driving around your venue for a product launch. Although a slight exaggeration, the point remains so keep your culture and branding in mind when creating a corporate event. If you can do this, your branding will improve during the event rather than taking a step backwards!

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