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Nov 20
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Reasons to Host a Corporate Event this Holiday Season

Corporate events can be beneficial for companies for a multitude of reasons, and the holiday
season is a fun time, in particular, to throw these events or parties because of the festive spirit
and joyous season. If you’re considering hosting a corporate event or debating whether to
throw a holiday party, read on: here are 3 popular reasons to host a corporate event this
holiday season.

1) Team building

First of all, team building events are a great way for a company to boost team morale, or to introduce a
new team to one another. Team building events are generally fun and engaging opportunities
for employees to interact on a more personal level, often incorporating competitive,
educational, and innovative aspects as well. For example, escape rooms have risen in
popularity in the last year, requiring all individuals to work as a team in order to escape different
scenarios under a time constraint. Physical activities like wheelchairs for charity, and games
like scavenger hunts and murder mysteries are other popular team-building exercises
guaranteed to bring your team closer together, thereby increasing productivity in the office.

2) Networking

Hosting a corporate event is also a great way to provide networking opportunities for your
company or business. Whether you’re looking to interest new potential clients, to attract new
investors, or to gain a larger following on social media, corporate events are an amazing way to
create connections in the business world. Depending on your goal, you can plan a corporate
event or party specifically to engage with your strategically-planned guest list, giving you the
opportunity to expand your business and make important connections with social media
influencers, shareholders, potential clients, upper-level management, employees, and media
outlets and more. Impressive parties are generally the best event to throw in this case.

3) Branding potential

Branding is all about creating an image of your company and projecting it to the public in a way
that is memorable and effective. That’s why a corporate event is a perfect way to establish your brand, or
re-brand when necessary. The most important aspect of branding a corporate event is to really
understand and define the purpose or goal of your company, relate this into a brand image,
and project the company’s image to the public.

The goal is to leave a lasting impression on clients, potential clients, the business world, and anyone else who may attend your event.
Have reflections of your brand in the decor, food, drinks, entertainment, and everything else:
convert your brand into an experience. A great addition to the event itself is to send guests
home with swag bags: achieving brand recognition is easy when you send home free branded
gifts to your guests to remind them of your company and it’s unforgettable corporate event!

Corporate events are always a great idea, but consider planning a team-building retreat,
networking event or all-out brand party during this holiday season and take advantage of an
already exciting time of year. Trust us: it’ll be a hit!

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