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Aug 12
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Security for Corporate Events

For any corporate event the safety of your guests and staff is of the utmost importance. Coordination between many elements will help mitigate attendee injury and damage to property.

Venue Entry Points

Corporate event venues vary greatly, spanning from arenas to ballrooms to the outdoors, but with any gathering boundaries must be established.

If your event is inside, be sure to identify any door or delivery dock where anyone could go in or out. One of the easiest ways to show all event staff the doors or docks is with a diagram of the premises.

If the event is outdoors, boundaries can be set with metal fences or barricades. Ball parks or other major sporting venues will have their own security including bag checks, which makes it easy on a company to rely on stadium staff.

Guest Speakers

If a well known speaker has been booked be sure to verify if the individual has their own security detail or will you need to provide additional risk mitigation. Security should be a topic discussed during the booking process. Any person considered controversial, regardless of profession, may need additional security.

Protestors, political, environmental or economic, may also be an issue that may need to be addressed. Groups will need to be kept away from blocking exits, fire lanes and staff-only entry points. Use either cones, tape or fencing to keep large groups in safe areas.

Communication is Key

There are various groups that will need to be in nearly constant contact during a corporate event. Venue staff, your own company security and any third party professional detail that may have been hired will need to understand they are part of a team working together.

Each member of the security team should have a schedule of events, diagram of the venue and details of anticipated attendance numbers. Remember that attendance for your event will need to be monitored, because going over the venue’s capacity can result in fines.

Also communicate with potential event attendees beforehand, so they understand their bags may be checked and their security is your first goal. Be sure to mention any items that will not be allowed at the venue, what entrance they should utilize and if there are parking areas that will be roped out of bounds.

There is always risk with any size event, but being prepared with an organized plan will provide a safe venue and organized corporate event.

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