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Dec 21
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Setting Up for Corporate Event Success – 1/4

Corporate events bring up images of drab tablecloths, lacklustre centrepieces, and menus printed on white papers. In this 4 part series, we will explore ways to make sure your next corporate event can actually be a fun and professional event geared towards learning, networking, and socializing.

A fun corporate event will ensure that attendees have a good time and a positive learning experience. Whether your next corporate event is goal oriented or geared towards social networking, make it interesting and memorable by following these simple tips.

Consider The Theme Of The Event

Your brand values and goals will give you a good starting point for selecting a meaningful theme for your event. Align your venue with your theme to create a cohesive and memorable theme. To liven up your theme, you can also incorporate social and pop culture themes to increase the impact of your message. If the purpose of your event is to encourage attendees to socialize and get to know each other, consider movie theme, location-based themes, and eras such as the Roaring 20s or the 60s.

Select The Right Corporate Event Venue

While a hotel conference room is a natural choice for most corporate events, consider the alternatives. If you are confident about weather conditions on the day of your event, consider an outdoor event.

You can easily set up marquee tents as an inexpensive option for outdoor events. Guests will enjoy a sunny springtime soiree or summer party with an outdoor theme, such as a tropical or Hawaiian theme. If you want to keep the event indoors, why not consider an art gallery, restaurant, or even a museum?

Whatever you choose, the venue should be appropriate and accommodating. For instance, don’t have your next corporate event right next to a noisy crowded nightclub.

Corporate event venue

Select A Reputable Venue That Suits Your Purpose

In addition to finding the right type of event space, look at the types of services offered by the venue. A setup and clean up crew are essential to your event. Also, be sure to check for vendor restrictions and food and beverage minimums. Some venues might have décor restrictions or other restrictions, so check beforehand to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Before committing to a venue, be sure to verify the reputation of the venue in terms of food, accommodations and service. The way a venue manages its staff and treats its guests will always be remembered by attendees, so take steps beforehand to make sure your event creates the right impression.

Make Arrangements For Convenient Access

Before selecting your location, be sure you can make arrangements for guests to have convenient access to reach the destination. The location should be easily accessed by public transit or car. Also be sure that the venue offers convenient parking or valet services.

The right venue can often make or break your corporate event. Making sure that your guests are in a venue that will take care of your needs and their desires can make a world of difference. In the next post, we will discuss creating the right atmosphere using the sense: colour themes, scents, unique beverages and flavours.

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