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Dec 28
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Setting Up for Corporate Event Success – 2/4

Your corporate event venue is more than just the building. A successful corporate event is about creating an experience. The right setup will engage all your guests’ senses; colours that will amaze, rich scents and flavourful tastes all tied together with a unifying theme.

Create The Right Atmosphere

The right atmosphere will set the mood and tone for the event. If your event is more toned down, select colours that reflect corporate theme colours. If your event is more celebratory, use vibrant colours to maintain a happy mood.

To keep things interesting, select decorations that feature your theme colours. Your theme colours could be your corporate colours or themed colours selected specifically for your event.

Select Themed Colours. Select colours aligned with the mood and theme of the event. If the event is geared towards learning and brainstorming rather than socializing, select eye-catching yet professional tones that match your corporate colours and venue.If your event leans more towards socializing and networking, select energetic colours that match the decor and corporate colours.

The possibilities are endless- you can feature candy such as Skittles and M & M’s in your theme colours, and adorn the tables with runners and centrepieces to tie all the colours together for a cohesive look. Aside from visual appeal, colour-coding is an easy way to signify transition and from one activity to the next. You can also use colours to differentiate between seating areas, teams, or activities.

Use Scents To Capture Mood.

The smell of vanilla might instantly transport you back to childhood memories of making cookies with your mom. In the same way, the right scent can bring back memories of your event. Extend the experience by sending guests home with a candle or satchel that has the same scent. Select a scent that is distinct but not overwhelming.

Create a Signature Beverage For Your Event.

Enlist the help of a mixologist or create a cocktail recipe from scratch and add themed ingredients tied to your event. Give your cocktail a fitting name and create display signs featuring your signature beverage. Have non-alcoholic versions of your signature beverage available so that all guests can enjoy the celebrations. Is your corporate event held earlier in the day? Consider a tea or espresso cart equipped with fountain beverages for an interactive experience.

corporate event food drink

Carefully Pair Complementary Flavors.

Attendees expect to enjoy exquisite small bites packed with flavour, so consider a cohesive menu complete with appetizers to bring your event to life. Create a food and beverage menu that ties in directly to your theme. For example, if sustainability is a theme for your event, incorporate local ingredients, such as local produce, fresh herbs and spices into your cocktail and food menu.

Set Up Food And Drink Stations For Interactive Fun

Today, corporate and social events are adopting the trend of featuring food stations rather than an all-you-can-eat buffet. Each station will be dedicated to different types of food and beverages. Although you may not be able to have an attendant at every station, you can easily set up a charcuterie station with dried meats and cheese in one area, and a carving station in another area. Rolling appetizer carts for seated guests will also help create a memorable event.

If your corporate event serves breakfast or brunch, an omelet station along with a pancake and waffle station will be a huge success. Guests will gather at the stations and converse as they wait for their custom orders.

You can even have something as simple as customized sandwich stations. Pay attention to detail and offer irresistible sides and savoury dipping sauces with spectacular garnishes. Little personal touches will not only be great conversation starters, they will also have everyone talking about the event.

Since this is a corporate event, and not everyone will be comfortable drinking alcoholic beverages, be sure to have a selection of non-alcoholic beverages and virgin cocktails. If you have floating cocktail bars or carving stations, people will gather near these areas as they grab a drink or select their cut of meat. Keeping your stations spread out will increase the level of interaction of guests and create a memorable experience.

Creating an experience

Creating a “feeling” is often a difficult task. The task of engaging all of your visitors’ senses requires creativity, inspiration, research and a lot of preparation. Nevertheless, when all the elements of a corporate event come together, the experience is sure to be memorable. In the next section, we will discuss ways your guests can cherish the experience for years to come. Through the use of souvenirs and networking, an event can live on with new friendships and useful gifts.

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