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Setting Up for Corporate Event Success – 3/4

The secret to making the most of your corporate event is making it memorable for years to come. Whether the event lives on in the form of gifts and souvenirs or new friendships and connections, you and your employees are sure to make the most out of it. Below are some tips for using some of those elements in your next corporate event.

Present Attendees With Branded Souvenirs

Branded water bottles provide an eco-friendly gift that attendees can use every day. They will remember the event whenever they refill the bottle. Not only does a branded water bottle serve as a great souvenir, it also promotes the event.

Portable Entertainment

If your corporate event includes a brainstorming session or think tank, consider the impact of music in between exercises. Give your attendees branded headphones or earbuds to boost energy and provide a memorable souvenir of the event. Other alternatives include branded USB drives and custom digital device portfolios.

Encourage Guests To Interact With Each Other

The main purpose of corporate events is to bring attendees together so that they can enjoy the company of their colleagues in a corporate setting.

Even during transitions from one activity to another, make sure there is space for people to interact as they move from one area to the next. Avoid excessively large tables that are spaced far apart – too much space can kill the energy in the room and discourage attendees from migrating from their seated area. At the same time, make sure guests have enough room to stand comfortably and interact with others without feeling crowded.

Also, the venue should be able to withstand full capacity, and people should be able to easily flow from one room to the next. If there are less than expected attendees, event staff can close off part of the room with dividers and curtains to create an intimate gathering.

If you have music at your event, it should be lively but not excessively loud. People want to be able to hear each other speak instead of shouting over the music.corporate event people talking

Activities That Move From Location To Location

Plan ahead to organize the “flow” of the event. Guests will arrive and get checked in at the entrance, they will migrate to the bar or mixer area to mingle with guests. Next, guests will be seated for the meal, and then awards will be presented. Afterwards, guests will make their way to the dessert station.

Be sure that the progression of the event allows guests to naturally transition from one area to the other. You should also plan to ensure that event staff has proper time to clear out the area and set up for the transition. You can have a portion of the event take place outside if it makes sense. Keep the interest levels high with variety.

Create Memorable Moments With Professional Photography

Invest in a professional photographer and share the photos on social media. You can also create a special page on social media dedicated to your event. If possible, tag employees in photos on your company website. Photos that capture people in natural conversation, enjoyment, and laughter will generate fond memories of the event.

A photo booth is a great option to lighten the mood. People can pose with fun props and accessories and walk out with a fun and memorable keepsake. The photo booth can also be customized to reflect the theme of the event with photo borders and customized backdrops.

Corporate events have become a staple in any organizations. Making a memorable event has become increasingly challenging and at the same time, more valuable for every business. Using some of the above elements or a combination will ensure that your event lives on in the hearts and minds of your attendees.

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