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Jan 20
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Setting Up for Corporate Event Success – 4/4

Treating your guests well during all stages of the corporate event will create a smooth memorable experience. Using features such as personalized welcomes, gifts and customization will create “peak experiences” that will stick with your guests after the corporate event has passed.

Show Appreciation To Guests With A Personalized Welcome

When guests enter the room, they will immediately flock to the bar to get a drink or cling to people they usually socialize with. Help guests feel welcomed and at ease by having someone at the entrance to greet the guest and thank them for coming.

You will make people feel special by welcoming them by name and offering them something to eat or drink. Present guests with a themed cocktail or amuse bouche to show them that their comfort level matters.

For maximum impact, ask guests to fill out a questionnaire with their favourite colour, and present them with an amenity in that colour. Personalized printing on stationery, amenities, or gift bags is a low-cost way to make people feel welcomed.

Feature Customizable Amenities

Leave a lasting impression on guests by creating an amenity suite where they can select from one large gift or a few smaller gifts. You can also give guests the opportunity to customize their amenity, such as snack foods, based on their own preference. Allow guests to personally select an item that appeals to them for lasting enjoyment.

Use Prizes And Awards To Make Attendees Feel Appreciated

Acknowledge team members for their contributions, or create a themed competition that awards a prize to the winning team.

Prizes. To keep things exciting and to encourage results, offer prizes in the form of food items, company swag, or gift cards. You can award random prizes or hold a raffle or drawing. Prizes keep the mood light and fun – everyone loves prizes!

Awards. Attendees can cast their vote for award recipients before the event to increase excitement and buzz around the event. Otherwise, management can select award recipients based on performance in various categories.

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Stay In Touch during the corporate event

The day after an event is the best time to get feedback from attendees. Follow up to stay connected to attendees and also get post-event feedback. You can leave provide them with feedback cards or links to an online form where they can share their experience, feedback, and testimonials.

Make It An Event To Remember

A fabulous event makes people engage in fun conversations, laughter, and feeling as though they are a part of something. Attendees will fondly remember the event during lunch with colleagues, and they will be eagerly looking forward to the next event. If you can incorporate these elements into your next event, people will remember your event for a long time to come.

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