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Feb 6
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How to Stay Organized While Planning Events


Planning an event is hard work: whether you are hosting your next office party or throwing a fundraising gala, event planning requires meticulous detail and organization. It makes sense because an event date is the ultimate immovable deadline.

Set yourself up for success by executing a perfect organizational strategy for planning your event. Not only will you be able to orchestrate the details of event planning more clearly, but you’ll also be able to focus on the big picture knowing the small details are being handled.

Here are some tips for staying organized while planning an event.

event plan

Create an Event Binder

Create a single binder to hold all of the important details relating to your event. While many people prefer to operate digitally, having a physical binder gives you a place to store important documents and contracts in their hard copy form.

Some potential sections of your binder might include the following:

  • Agenda/Itinerary


  • Important Contacts


  • Attendees/Guest List


  • Contracts


  • Order Forms


  • Entertainment


  • Lodging/Transportation


  • Activities


  • Gifts


  • Budget


  • Miscellaneous



Update your binder regularly so that you are prepared even when colleagues, clients, or vendors don’t give you much time.


Digital Software or Online Storage


There are plenty of options for event planning tools online. Simple platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox allow you to store spreadsheets and checklists digitally and invite multiple users so all individuals involved can have access to event details. Many of these platforms are compatible with all kinds of mobile devices, laptops, and tablets to make sure you can access your information anywhere.


Make a Calendar and Timeline


Make sure you are staying on top of everything that needs to be done by creating a timeline of goals and planning stages months ahead of time. Once you know when you need to get everything accomplished, create a master calendar that includes all of your deadlines and goals. These can be things like what day you want to send out invitations, when to confirm with the caterers, what day to order supplies, etc. Put the master calendar where everyone involved in the event planning has easy access. This can mean a physical location in an office, or a digital location using one of the online platforms discussed above.


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