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80s party corporate event
Jun 4
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Themes Made Easy For Your Next Corporate Event

So, you’ve been tasked with determining the theme of your next corporate gathering and you’re at a complete and total loss for ideas. What kind of theme is engaging without being overly kitschy? What kind of theme is budget-friendly? What kind of theme will actually excite attendees and get them mingling? Have no fear! The list below is ready to save the day. Keep reading for five innovative and feasible themes to impress your event goers!


Arabian Nights


Save your three wishes. This theme is so easily elegant that you won’t need a genie (though, your boss/client will certainly consider you one for pulling off something so impressive!) Begin by setting the mood of your event location; if your event is indoors, consider draping swathes of fabric from the walls and ceiling to create the look of a tent or sultan’s luxurious palace. If your event is outdoors, rent a big-top tent (or two or three) to accommodate guests. For lighting, invest in Moroccan-inspired lamps to hang and candle holders to illuminate tables. If you want added authenticity and interaction, use beaded cushions or ottomans instead of chairs for floor seating in the dining or socializing areas. Classic Arabian music is a must, and if appropriate, hire a belly dancer for a thrilling performance that will leave guests in awe.


Back to the 80s


Admittedly, a little kitsch can be super fun! After all, isn’t it where the nostalgia lies? Invite attendees to get a little footloose by donning their favorite eighties-inspired regalia (legwarmers, anyone?) and blasting all of your favorite throwback hits. Make table centerpieces of Rubik’s cubes, neon Slinkies, and vases filled with cassette tapes. For an activity, consider projecting a classic like Back to the Future, renting out an arcade machine (for competing in games of Pac-Man, of course) or booking a skating rink.

80s party corporate event

To the Moon and Back


It’s a favorite phrase making its round on t-shirts, throw pillows, and art canvases, but now considerate it the mystical moonlight theme of your next corporate event! Invite your guests to attend in neutrals, metallics, midnight blues, and sparkling fabrics to reflect that of the glimmering galaxy. Dim the lights down low and illuminate the space with softly glowing fairy lights. Swathe tables and chairs in deep violet and turquoise fabrics, and of course, ensure that dessert is dazzling with edible glitter. For a photo-op, consider providing sparklers or a glittering gold moon big enough for couples to perch on!


Candy Land


Hope you’ve got a sweet tooth for this one! Deck out the event space with gumball machines and ginormous faux lollipops and candy-canes. Table centerpieces should of course be vases brimming with layers of rainbow candy of your choice. Provide a “candy bar” complete with gift-bags that guests can fill up as a favor to take home with them! Willy Wonka would be envious.


The Roaring Twenties


Cue the big band music! Instruct your guests to arrive in full-on flapper regalia, tuxedos fit for a Gatsby gala, or as your favorite mobster. Metallic balloons, streamers, and city skyline cut-outs help to solidify the atmosphere, while a photo booth complete with feather boas and prop long cigarettes provides for plenty of entertainment. Of course, no prohibition-era shindig would be complete without a little speakeasy fun! Serve up martinis and gin cocktails and your event is sure to dazzle.


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