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Nov 13
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Things to Avoid When Planning a Corporate Event During the Holidays

As the holiday season quickly approaches, corporate event planning is in full swing. Planning a holiday

party or corporate event is a great way to network, garner positive public relations, brand or re-

brand your company, or simply let your staff and fellow employees know how much you

appreciate their hard work. Whether you’re looking to plan a small party for your employees or

a full-blown corporate networking event, there are a handful of things to avoid during the

planning process to ensure success. Here are some of the most important things to avoid

when planning a corporate event during the holiday season.


1) Failure to establish a purpose/target audience for your corporate event

A large part of the initial brainstorming process will require you to identify the reason for your

corporate event or party, and figure out who you are throwing the event for. Are you rewarding

your staff for a job well done? Are you looking to provide networking opportunities for your

company? Maybe you’ve made some big changes to the company in the last year and want to

re-introduce yourself to the public? Your audience will be different for each of these events so it

is vital to understand your motivation for throwing the event. Once that’s decided, you come up

with a guest list and begin the next step of planning.


2) Lack of planning

Though it may seem like stating the obvious, the number one thing you can do to make your

holiday party unforgettable is to spend an adequate amount of time planning it. Sit down with

your fellow party planners and decide on some basic guidelines about your budget, theme (if

applicable), and length of your guest list. From there, you can begin to look into event venues,

entertainment options, caterers, and decor. If your budget is smaller, try to look for venues that

include multiple services for a discounted price, for example, venue and decor as a package

deal. If your budget is larger, you can coordinate a very specific food and cocktail menu, venue,


entertainer and decor to accentuate the theme and ensure nobody is left guessing. The more

time you put into the planning process, the more obvious it’ll be when the party comes

together. Trust us.


3) Not utilizing technology

Ladies and gents, we are living in 2017. The age of the smartphone. The age of connectivity.

Use it to your advantage! Utilize a unique form of even marketing to attract potential guests to

the event. The New Media Party, The Adult Swim Drive-In, and Buzzfeed’s invitation for

Australia’s 2nd Birthday Party are some great examples to search online…take notes! Any way

you can find to modernize and innovate the traditional party invite will give your event a better

chance of success.

Party planning is daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these tips to ensure your party or

corporate event is one to remember. Happy Planning!

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