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May 1
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Things to Consider When Hiring a Photo Booth

Over the past few years, photo booths have become extremely popular for both personal events, parties, and celebrations as well as corporate events. Why? Because they add fun and a unique element to your event. However, what do you need to consider before making the jump and hiring one?

Assess Your Needs – First and foremost, we always recommend that you decide your needs before doing anything else. For example, is it a party or a more formal corporate event? At Abbey Road Entertainment, this is pivotal because we can only help once you know what you need. Once you know the style, we can recommend individual photo booths and other ideas.

Furthermore, we also suggest sorting your venue first because different photo booths will come in different sizes. With our service, you will find booths for one or two people or you will find larger options that can fit up to 10 people so this is important to bear in mind. Additionally, is your event upstairs because this might change how we can help?

Your Guests – If you are using the booth as a networking tool for a corporate event, you are likely to need a very different service to an 18th birthday party. If you are struggling for ideas, we have done near enough every event you could ever imagine so feel free to get in touch with some questions.

Social Media – With some companies, you will have an option to share the photos directly to social media. For a corporate event, this could be huge because it gets people talking and adds credibility to your business. Of course, this doesn’t mean that every single photo taken will go online but it gives you a little more freedom at the event itself.

Features – With the photo booth itself, there are now many different options and we have increased our services as a result at Abbey Road Entertainment. For example, some booths will allow you to create slow-motion videos whilst others rely on green screen technology to have a little fun. Once again, this will come down to your needs and exactly what event you are hosting.

Duration – While a photo booth is good for a little while, you end up paying for something that no-one uses once everybody has been in it at least once. Therefore, you can maximize the experience with limited duration. With us, most services last for around three hours and our experience has told us this is the perfect amount of time for guests and hosts alike.

Memorabilia – Finally, do you want your guests to walk away with a little gift from the day? If so, the flipbook booth would be idea or any service that offers keyrings and other similar items. For both corporate and social events, this is a great way to have all guests remember the event.

If you are struggling and don’t quite know where to start, please contact Abbey Road Entertainment today or feel free to browse our many event services in Toronto. As mentioned, we have done events of all types so can almost certainly give advice!

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