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Feb 28
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Three DJ Interview Questions For A Corporate Event

Contrary to what movies tell you, corporate events can be a blast! But be warned, choosing the wrong DJ company can lead to a catastrophe. So let’s review three essential things to ask when interviewing disc jockeys for your next professional event.


#1 Question to Ask A Corporate Event Entertainment Company: Insurance

Picture it: The off-site company holiday party is in full swing. Lou, the guy from marketing who still lives for the late 80s, has knocked a few back and decides it’s time for everyone to see his running-man dance moves. Lou triumphs on the dance floor. Even the grouchy Ms. Carol from accounting is hopping along.

Then it happens: Someone accidentally nudges Lou into the DJ’s table, which sends a drink flying through the air and onto the DJs electronics’. Sparks fly, the music comes to a screeching halt, and in the end, Lou gets a severe electric shock. He doesn’t die, but he does incur expensive medical bills and needs to sue to get them paid.

In the above example, a DJ with insurance could absorb the suit.

#2 Question to Ask A Corporate Event Entertainment Company: Catalogue Depth

Off-brand entertainment can be a corporate event curse. Imagine if the oprah chose Metallica to headline its annual gala. It just wouldn’t work. The same logic applies when it comes to hiring a corporate event company. If the party is an outdoor picnic, you don’t want someone whose catalog consists of electro-synth-pop and not much else.

Furthermore, for corporate events, DJs with vast libraries and encyclopedic music knowledge always do a better job. Don’t you want both Jan from HR and Jamal from IT to enjoy themselves?

#3 Question to Ask A Corporate Event Entertainment Company: Tech Requirements

These days, DJ kits can be as complicated as a flux capacitor. There are computers, speakers, mixers and a ton of assorted electronic do-dads. When interviewing, ask about technological requirements, and then triple check that the venue can accommodate them.

Additionally, ask the location if entertainers can bring their own speakers. Some places insist that DJs use the in-house audio system. Moreover, make sure to use a corporate event company that has the equipment you need. After all, you don’t want to secure a gigantic outside site, only to have a DJ show up with a single dinky speaker that won’t get the job done.

Finding the perfect entertainment for your corporate event usually makes all the difference!


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