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May 28
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Throwing a Corporate Party!

Maybe there is a big anniversary, employee recognition day or a holiday that needs celebrating. Maybe there is the completion of a product launch or expansion and everyone needs a break. Maybe your staff just deserves a change of pace, a break from the everyday grind, so why not throw a corporate party!

The best corporate party ideas appeal to all types of personalities, easily adapt for large or small groups and do not cost a fortune.

Movie Night

Technically movie night does not have to be at night. Maybe a late afternoon matinee is in order. Organize a double feature showing of “Star Wars,” “Harry Potter” or “Indiana Jones.” Go more artsy and upscale and choose films that have won many awards.
If you would like to add costumes to the movie theme, choose a decade. The 1960’s could be Elvis movies with awards for the best dressed Elvis impersonator. The 1980’s could be “Back To The Future” with Doc Brown costume awards.
Do not forget the snacks. Set up an ice cream bar with all kinds of gooey toppings or a movie concession stand with popcorn and chocolate candy.

Bowling and Mini Golf

Bowling and mini golf have been around for decades and everyone is familiar with the rules and set up. Both games can be as laid-back or competitive as called for and neither require athletic prowess. Before everyone arrives for the event, make sure there are enough balls, clubs and bowling shoes for everyone.
If your organization is large you could have associates from varying departments on the same team to give people an opportunity to meet in real life in a fun environment. Teams can be as large as 8 bowlers, but 4 or 6 is ideal. If you have a few ultra competitive types, award trophies or ribbons not just to the winning team, but for the most gutter balls or hole in ones or just for team spirit.

Block Party

A block party is literally a party in the streets. If your organization has a large campus the party could be on company property, but if the business is smaller, it is possible to arrange with the city to have open access to a street or block.
The main draw of a block party is food and music. Food trucks and bands are the two essential ingredients that need to be decided on. There could be a country theme where the bands play country western music and the food trucks offer barbecue.
If the streets you have chosen offer a plethora of pubs and restaurants then perhaps they could allow a small discount for the evening. There are so many breweries around now, maybe they would offer free tours and tastings. Please remember if you decide to go with an event such as a pub crawl, it would be best to have designated drivers and free rides home.

Whatever the occasion, or maybe there is no occasion at all, an office party can be a fun chance to unwind and it does not have to be elaborate or expensive.

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