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Jul 17
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Tips for Hosting a Virtual Corporate Event

Video streaming services have made it possible to host exciting and engaging corporate events on a virtual platform. One of the most obvious benefits for both corporations and attendees is a corporate event can be held with no geographical boundaries, freeing everyone from the cost and logistics of travel and lodging.


Virtual formats are less expensive than in-person events, because you do not have to book a large venue, but just because you do not need a fancy ballroom or arena does not mean the stage or background should be boring. Be sure to include your company logo and colors in the background of every segment streamed.

The savings your company incurs from holding a virtual event could be passed on to the attendees in the form of lower ticket prices. Lower ticket prices may prompt more people to attend, so you could reach a larger audience.

Or use the savings to hire a well known speaker or even a couple of hosts. Two or three hosts that have a comfortable affinity with one another can lend an engaging conversational tone to the event.

Even if virtual events are cost effective there is one area you should not cut back on and that is the availability of online support. Be sure to communicate clearly with the audience how to register and login to the event and who they should contact if an error does occur.


Whether you hire a professional speaker or use your corporation’s leaders the speakers need to be comfortable in front of a camera and be able to speak clearly. Generally a speaker or host should not need a script. If there are statistics or numbers involved use charts and graphs.

If your virtual event is being used to introduce a new product be sure the speaker is excited and knowledgeable about the product’s launch. The speaker will need to be able to look into the camera, out to the virtual audience, with confidence. Even if you do not hire a celebrity or news maker you do need well informed experts that are excited to be there.

One more item to consider when choosing a host is their ability to field questions and comments from the audience through an online chat feature. Offering a chat format and Twitter hashtag to follow can give a feeling of real-time involvement to a remote audience.


A lasting benefit of virtual events is the ability to adapt the sessions later. The sessions can be edited and used as a marketing tool. The entire event could be placed on the company website for event attendee access if they are looking for follow-up information.

If placing the entire virtual event online consider including bonus question and answer footage or interactive content like a quiz.

Hosting virtual events is a growing option enabling corporations to reach a wide audience all over the world. An interactive online event can provide a showcase for company products and services through an engaging cost-effective platform.

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