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May 14
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Tips to Improve the Effectiveness of Client Corporate Events

When inviting clients and customers to a corporate event, it can be an exciting time because you are allowing them into your brand. Of course, the benefits are clear to see because you can forge long-lasting relationships and they suddenly see you as the only choice while forgetting all about your competitors. However, the closer the event gets you start to feel nervous because you are essentially putting a group of strangers all in a room together.


If you are currently panicking about the awkwardness of this scenario, there is no reason to fear because we come at you today with advice and suggestions from someone who has seen thousands of these events in the past. At Abbey Road Entertainment, we often receive calls of businesses in distress and we can help with the following;


Photo Booth – Thanks to the advancements in technology in recent years, we now boast an array of different photo booths and they all come with on-site printing thus providing your guests with a gift to take back to the office or home. For example, the slow-Mo Video booth will play music and the Infinite booth allows customers to stand next to a mountain or the pyramids in Egypt thanks to a green screen.


At first, people feel nervous about photo booths but we can tell you just how successful they have been in the past and we believe they will continue along this journey in the years ahead. Why? First and foremost, they break the ice and provide a talking point. If you want your clients to relax, this is the perfect way to get started as it sets the tone of the afternoon or evening.


Casino Rental – As long as your clients are all adults, a casino night will go down extremely well because it ignites a light competitive atmosphere whilst remaining fun at the same time. Regardless of how many tables you need, Abbey Road Entertainment can help and we can provide poker, roulette, and a whole host of other favorites.


Fun Foods – Sadly, many companies forget food for their corporate events with customers but this can be catastrophic because it just leads to everyone standing around not really knowing what to do. As humans, we enjoy eating and we are happy to talk to anyone as long as there is food so you can choose from our popcorn, sno-cone, or even cotton candy machines. Instantly, you will control the atmosphere and the room will relax with these machines in place.


Games – Finally, you can really get the room to relax by inviting their partners and maybe even families before bringing some games. If you choose Abbey Road Entertainment, we can provide a game show theme or even a multi-sport simulator. With these set up, your guests will have fun and remember your event for years to come and this is what it is all about.


As you can see, these are some fantastic ideas but it doesn’t have to end there. If you want to provide the best corporate event around for your clients, feel free to contact us today and we will work with you or take the load from your shoulders completely to arrange a winning event!

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