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Mar 20
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Understanding Common Types of Corporate Events

While the idea of planning a corporate event can conjure up many thoughts and emotions, a corporate event is often a fantastic way to build employee morale, present a new product or give back to the community. In the beginning phases of planning, you need to ask, “What is the purpose of my event? What are we as a company trying to accomplish with this event?” Knowing what you want to achieve will help you to choose the best event to help meet your end goals. When thinking through your corporate events, you should understand that they fall into three main categories: customer-based events, employee-based events and community-based events.

1. Customer-based Events

Whether you call them customers or clients, these are the people that you are targeting with your goods or services. Of course, you want to keep them well-informed of new products, so planning a product launch party, trade show or seminar can be a great way to keep your customers in the loop about your company’s latest and greatest products.

Another popular customer-based event is a customer appreciation event. Complete with giveaways to reward outstanding customers, some type of thank-you gift or even an open house at your place of business.

2. Employee-based Events

Depending on the size of your company, employee events can involve just a few employees to thousands of employees. For leaders in the company, planning for the future is a crucial part of moving forward, so initiating a corporate leadership retreat can be an ideal way to organize the company’s next steps.

Employee appreciation events also fall into this category, with holiday gatherings such as the office Christmas party or Thanksgiving lunch. Often when a big project is completed or busy season is over, the company will sponsor an employee appreciation event of some kind, whether it’s giving everyone a day off, tickets to an event or dinner at a local restaurant.

Other events to consider when thinking about employee events include a team-building event, an in-house product launch, an introduction to an employee incentive program, or an employee “family fun” day at an amusement park, just to name a few.

3. Community-based Events

Community-based events can involve both customers and employees but typically have the good of the community at heart. This may involve a company-sponsored fundraiser (5K, golf tournament, silent auction) to raise money for a charitable cause. Volunteering as part of a company can also help local charities thrive and make your company known as one that cares about its community. Some common volunteering opportunities might be to serve a soup kitchen, collect food and water for those in need or provide labour to beautify a park or green space.

Once you have determined the basis (customer, employee, community) and purpose for your corporate event, you can begin the planning process and hopefully see the event to its successful completion.

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