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Jun 11
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Unique Corporate Events

Corporate events should capture the attention of the attendees. An event needs to be well managed, purposeful and fast paced, but maybe also fun, unusual and a little weird.

Picnic and Mini Golf

Anyone can have a picnic in a park, so how about hosting one in the parking lot or on the roof?

Do not book a planned mini golf course when you can create your own custom corporate mini golf extravaganza. Each office, hallway or meeting room could host a hole or two. The holes could be themed by department, color or country. An indoor course is great for the cold winter months, too.


Chair races and tricycle races mean clearing a hallway or parking lot. Rent a timing clock to make the event look official.

If speed is not your need, then try a hula hoop competition. Who can keep it going the longest, shortest, highest or lowest? Take to the air with paper airplane flights. You can find some unique designs for paper planes online, so print some directions for the participants. Have markers and stickers available for plane decoration.

Food Carving or Decorating

Pumpkin decorating is so ordinary. In the cooler months decorate acorn squash, apples or pears. In the warmer months decorate cantaloupe, watermelon or peaches. The toppings and themes are endless, but some suggestions are raisins, gum drops and cashews.

Speakers and Seating

Invite an author who has written on the paranormal or UFO’s. Most locales have storytellers who can weave a tale about local haunted houses.

Why sit on ordinary office or folding chairs, bring in yoga mats, large pillows or balance balls. If you choose yoga mats or balance balls put them to good use and invite a fitness instructor to give a session on balance and stretching.

Lots of Atmosphere

Bring in a marching band. Ask a local high school or college if their band would like to liven up the opening of your event. Also available are roaming bands of three or four musicians that walk around the venue playing guitars, violins or drums.

If the venue has a large enough floor hire stilt walkers, jugglers and trainers with their Frisbee catching dogs. Bring in someone who will airbrush temporary tattoos. The extra activity is sure to put a smile on event goers faces and make the day unique.

Corporate events do not have to be a one size fits all proposition. Not every activity will be right for every business, but by offering new entertainment and activities that are just a little different your corporate event will be appreciated and remembered.

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