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Jun 17
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Utilizing Technology at Your Corporate Events

Over the past decade alone, the world has changed perhaps more than any other time period in history. Why? Because the introduction of technology has made existing industries more efficient while also introducing the need for brand new markets. In the corporate events industry, this is no different and you should be utilizing technology at your events if you want to see the best return on your investment. What can you introduce? Let’s take a look…


DJ Services – As long as the event allows, the first suggestion we have today is a music-themed event. For example, you can hire a professional DJ along with all the equipment and various extras. When you hire a DJ service, you don’t just get one person and their equipment because you can also choose lighting, microphones (for karaoke or announcements), fog machines, LED booths, laser shows, and more. Depending on your needs, you can keep it simple or go all out to create a party atmosphere.


Photo Booths – With corporate events, most companies go looking for extravagant methods of getting the guests talking while providing something they can take home. However, the answer is simple; photo booths. Thanks to technology, photo booths have moved forward significantly and now include LED booths, vintage photo booths, slide cam booths, mirror me booths, and more. If you want to be really unique and provide guests with something they won’t have experienced before, why not choose a flipbook studio or even a digital graffiti wall?


Social Media – Of course, social media is absolutely huge these days but have you thought about using it for your corporate events? Regardless of whether the event is for your employees or clients, you can create a buzz and really get people talking. With a simple video, you can go behind-the-scenes and make viewers feel as though they’re involved in the event. With pictures of people having fun, it will do wonders for your brand image and you suddenly become a more attractive proposition within the community.


In addition to using social media yourself, you should also encourage your guests to post on social media. As well as getting them to ‘check-in’ at your social event, they can also post pictures and videos using specific hashtags to get everybody talking about your business. Suddenly, when a business or individual sees fellow competitors or friends at an event, they start to wonder why they aren’t there. From here, they look up your business online and you get lots of attention whilst you’re having fun at the corporate event.


If your event doesn’t utilize technology this year, you might just be left behind so keep this in mind when planning!

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