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May 21
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VIP Event Ideas

Making clients feel special is a worthwhile goal whether you want to just say thanks or help build your relationship. Regardless of the industry you work in there are always special business partners that deserve celebrating, so when planning a corporate event be sure to give VIP event attendees some extra perks.

Start At The Beginning

Communication is always key, but too much of a good thing is a nuisance. Corporate VIP event planners often use e-mail, texts and newsletters with headings such as save the date, registration reminder or limited seating. Do not saturate your communication with VIP clients with event information.
Transportation to and from the event should be planned in advance. The car or van should be comfortable and have water available. A VIP should know exactly when and where to meet a ride. If they are driving make sure close reserved parking is waiting.
Offer your best customers event preregistration and have any information packets delivered to their office a few days before the event.

VIP Lounge

If your corporate event will involve a lot of walking set up a lounge with comfortable chairs and extra refreshments. An event that has a multimedia approach with entertainers, lights and music may call for a lounge that is a quiet respite from the activity. Conversely, if the day is mostly sit down meetings, a VIP lounge could offer VR headsets or Wii games.

Extra Comfort

Consider adding activities to your corporate event that will pamper your VIP attendees. Priority seating is an inexpensive way to add convenience to an attendee’s experience. Offering massages between event sessions is a sure way to show VIP clients they are getting the special treatment.
Thank you gifts are always appreciated. Popular items include coffee, chocolate and books. Maybe a gift of tangible items is not what your client would like, so consider making a donation to a charity in their name.
If the occasion has a celebrity guest speaker offer VIP attendees a meet and greet session. You could book an extra guest speaker such as an author or athlete. Just remember, know your VIP’s interests and book someone they will be excited about.


All professional sport venues offer luxury packages and deluxe catering services. There is a VIP sports package just waiting for your best clients. One of the special aspects of treating a client to a sporting event is that they can bring their children. The atmosphere is relaxed and having everyone together will make the event memorable.

There are numerous ways to make your best customer feel like a VIP. No matter what ideas you choose to implement, the most important outcome is that your client feels appreciated.

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