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Apr 15
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What Could Go Wrong? 

What could go wrong in your next corporate event? Weather, technology or just plain old human error can sometimes cause a glitch in even the best organized corporate events. How can you correct or work around something that goes wrong? Have a plan.


The weather is the one area no one can control. A heat wave, a blizzard or thunderstorms cannot be stopped, but the impacts on a corporate event can be mitigated with planning. If you are planning an outdoor event, have an indoor location as a backup venue. For instance, if the event included a picnic and field day, a gym or empty ballroom can serve as a large empty space for the games to continue.
A 5K race can continue in light rain or snow flurries. A race only needs to be postponed or cancelled due to ice or lightning. Please remember that with any outdoor plans safety is the top concern.
If the outdoor event is under a tent and it is raining, attendees would appreciate umbrellas. Supply extra water and sunscreen if the event is during the hot summer months.
Plane delays are probably one of the biggest sources of headline speakers cancelling. Shift event activity times if the speaker will be just an hour or so late. Have a back up speaker waiting in the wings in case of cancellation.

Technology Snafu

There is one word that will help alleviate any tech problems at an event. The word is rehearsal. Run through every aspect concerning microphones, lighting and projectors. Does the speaker you hired walk around or stand still? The answer will give you insight to both lighting and sound needs. Are you inviting a band? Make sure their equipment is compatible with the venue capacity.
If you are recording the event set up cameras well ahead of time and test the angles and lighting. Laptops and phones may need charging stations, do all the outlets work?

Human Error

Restroom demand can be hard to predict, but you do not want attendees standing in line waiting for the bathroom. Before choosing a venue for a corporate event check out the location and number of restrooms available.
Another line that you do not want event goers waiting too long in is the buffet line. To ensure meal lines are not long provide the caterer or facility kitchen with up to date numbers of people attending.
Do not be afraid to ask for help. There are probably a number of individuals in your company that would be happy to help with both event planning and execution. Pull from associate’s experiences for ideas on coping with rain delays or tech problems.

Do not let unexpected weather or technology glitches hamper a well organized and anticipated corporate event. Have a back up plan right from the start of planning and rehearse or test all the equipment needed to help make the event stress free for everyone.

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