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May 19
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Why Celebrate Your Employees?


In recent years, companies like Google have been in the news for the unbelievable nature, design, and culture of their office. As well as pool tables and free lunch in the restaurant, all employees benefit from free time to work in creative spaces on their own projects and more. Of course, not every company can afford this type of office but that doesn’t mean you can’t still appreciate your employees and show them you care. Below, we have listed some advantages to celebrating your employees this year with a corporate event!


Boost Motivation – If you have an effective recruitment process, you should now have a team full of hard workers who go above and beyond every single day. Let’s not forget, these people are the face of the business and they push your company forward every day. Therefore, we think they deserve to be rewarded and this can happen with a corporate event.


Whenever we mention the phrase ‘corporate event’, people seem to tense up and get nervous but this doesn’t have to be the case. At Abbey Road Entertainment, we can help you to create the perfect event that says the biggest ‘thank you’ possible to your staff. Whether your team has a thing for sports or video games, we can help and we can do so for an affordable fee.


Both during and after the corporate event, your staff members will feel valued and we all know how beneficial this can be within a workforce. Suddenly, they realize why they enjoy working for the company once again and this should lead to a boost in productivity. When your team is motivated, they want to work for the company and they enjoy working with each other too.


Improve Relationships – No matter how well people get on, the workplace is a stressful environment which means that relationships can fray. Even if two employees are best friends and went to school together, there can be many things that go wrong over the course of a year but a corporate event can help you to mend these relationships. After one day or night together without the pressures of the work environment, your team will be back to their best.


With Abbey Road Entertainment, you have a number of options at your disposal and many will work on these relationships whilst also releasing the competitive nature of your employees. For example, who doesn’t enjoy a good evening of karaoke; this tends to leave employees feeling a little exposed at first but soon they calm down and have a good laugh with each other.


Additionally, we have the facilities to create a game show event. Whether it’s ‘Spin to Win’ or ‘Fabulous Feud’, you will have teams going up against each other and the laughs won’t stop coming.


Improve Productivity – Although we have already touched on it previously, the increased motivation will lead to higher productivity which is always good news. At times, a corporate event can be more effective than any other technique not only because staff feel motivated but also because the relationships with their colleagues have improved and reach a higher level. For some companies, celebrating their employees this way can be even more effective because they have new workers who have struggled to settle in. When this is the case, a fun day or night event breaks the ice and they see their colleagues in a different light without the uniform or office environment.


If you want to celebrate your employees this year, be sure to contact us at Abbey Road Entertainment and we will help to create your event with outcome and a budget in mind!

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