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Photobooth Ideas For Kids
Jul 25
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Perfect Photobooths For Kids’ Parties

Everybody loves the novelty of a photobooth, but no one more so than kids. Photobooths are a great way to encourage and facilitate imagination and creativity. Include some props, some costume accessories and a little encouragement and kids will line up over and over to relive the fun and take home some memories. If you are thinking about a photobooth for a kid’s party, below are five ideas.

Superheros. It is an undeniable fact: children love superheros. Pick up a couple of costumes of some of the fan favourites—Batman, Spiderman, Superman etc.—and let the kids take home memories of the time they got to be their favourite superhero for a day.

Pirates. Pirates are another great photobooth option for kids parties. The accessories are cheap and easy to find—pretty much any dollar or costume store will sell the standard hooks, toy swords and eyepatches.

Moustache madness. If comedy has taught us anything, it’s that oversized glasses and Groucho Marx moustaches are always funny. Even more so to children. Pick up a couple pairs of novelty sized glasses, or Groucho Marx ensembles and let the kids get wacky.

Western. Throw in a hobby horse, some bandannas, a couple of cowboy hats and a sheriff’s badge and let imaginations run wild. Again, these outfits are easy to find, easy on the wallet and can be kept around and reused for Halloween or other party costumes.

Mime. The mime photobooth idea is great because all it really requires is some face paint and a couple of berets. The kids can pretend they are in an invisible box, pulling an invisible rope and let their inner Parisian street performer come out. White, black and red face paint, a beret and an imagination are all you need to make your mime-themed photobooth a success.

Throwing kids parties can be tricky because certain kids are more outgoing than others and often need some coaxing to really get into the fun. Including things like photobooths, especially with play and dress-up options, can help bring the shy kids out of their shell. The ability to give them photos they can take home and place on the refrigerator will make it a memorable experience they’ll be happy to revisit.

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