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How To Create A Lasting Impression With Your Marketing Event
Dec 12
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Forget Marketing Materials: 5 Ways To Make Your Marketing Event Memorable

In today’s consumer-empowered world, marketers need to capitalise on every opportunity to initiate a relationship, generate goodwill, and earn the trust and loyalty of existing and prospective clients. To achieve this, you need to implement a solid marketing mix that incorporates event marketing as you endeavour to connect with as many prospective buyers as possible.

From webinars and live-streaming to seminars, conferences, and tradeshows to executive-level private functions, here are some ways to make your event marketing campaign standout from the competition:

  1. Keep it simple

    It is best to take an approach where your audience is busy and has a limited amount of time to invest in your event. You can increase the chances of your event attracting an audience by focusing your efforts on creating a special moment that intrigues, surprises, or delights. A simple and authentic experience is also more likely to be remembered.

  2. Increase the love for your brand

    You can increase the affection that your customers feel towards your brand by creating a brand image, goal, mission, and ideology that they can relate to. Rather than drawing attention to your product directly, you can make your audience fall in love with your brand ideologies. Show them a wonderful experience that will keep them coming back to your products.

  3. Make it social and shareable

    Consumers love to have fun and share great experiences via social media. If something is truly amazing, your customers will start a conversation about your brand and products/services that gives you more coverage beyond your event marketing. Consider creating a photo booth, smart brand related hashtags, or other incentives to get them to share their experience.

  4. Branded, eye catching attire

    For offline marketing events that require in-person interaction, such as tradeshows, conferences, seminars, and breakfasts/lunches/dinners, you may consider getting everyone in your company – in attendance – to wear branded, distinct uniforms or some other attire. These uniforms should reflect the image you want to put across, from fun, bright attire to sleek and classy uniforms, to draw the attention of your target demographic.

  5. Get the audience to participate

    Your event should fun, engaging, and interactive in order to get people to participate – enter a contest, take a photo, participate in a game, download an app, or try a free sample. Make the experience of participating unique and worth their time.

Lastly, try to get the media to notice your event for extra publicity. Tip off or invite bloggers, photographers, and other influential people in your industry. Media coverage will make the event appear bigger and more significant, especially for those who were not able to participate. Also, remember to promote your event after it’s over by sharing photos on social media, writing a blog, and sharing your experience.

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