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Creating A Memorable Awards Ceremony
Aug 22
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5 Things You Need At Your Next Office Awards Ceremony

Your office awards ceremony is one of the most essential parts of your rewards program. It shows employees who have exerted themselves and been consistently high-performing throughout the year that the company values their effort and hard work. It also shows those employees who have not won or been nominated for an award that the company truly does value hard work and commitment. Below are five things you need at your next office awards ceremony.

A theme. Generic awards ceremonies will not stand up to the test of time. Instead, create an event that incorporates the theme of your business into the proceedings. Think about the industry that you are in and some of the common images and tropes that are associated with what your business does.

Thoughtful invitations. The effort you put into your invitations ties directly into the aforementioned need to avoid presenting something that is formulaic and generic. This is the first thing employees see, before they know any other details about the event, and drawing people in and getting them excited for the ceremony is not only key for attendance, but an important part of the festivities.

Make your company’s name stand out. You want the business to be the backdrop for the event. Paying special attention to how your brand or corporate logo is presented is important because the way that executives and decision makers see the business is contagious. A drab corporate image, even to people who already work for the corporation, not to mention press or any third parties that may be present, speaks volumes about how excited management is about the company they run.

Use non traditional centrepieces. You can’t go wrong with a classy floral arrangement, but conservatism certainly does not scream innovator, or trend setter. Opt for something interactive, which guests can engage with. Something which includes markers, or even something guests can take home, will up the fun quotient and make the event more memorable.

Good quality food. Nothing screams “this is just a formality” more than sub-par catering. You’re honouring the people who have made your business a success over the past year. Spending a little extra on good quality food that people actually want to eat is a good indicator of how a business views their employees.

Throwing an entertaining and memorable awards ceremony will ensure that those in attendance see that their work is valued and will make them want to continue to work hard throughout the following year. It is easy to dismiss the awards ceremony as a non-essential part of day-to-day operations, but if you incorporate some or all of the above five suggestions into your next event, it will pay off throughout the year in terms of loyalty, hard work and dedication to your business.

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