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How To Brand A Corporate Event
Dec 6
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5 Ways To Socially Brand Your Event

Word of mouth is still the best way to promote your brand, and hosting an experiential marketing event gives you the perfect opportunity to change the way your audience interacts with your products, services or some other component of your company/corporation.

Corporate events create a more memorable brand experience compared to traditional ads, press releases, or marketing campaigns. But for them to be effective, they should be properly branded. Here are some fresh and unique ways for invitees to identify with your brand:

  1. Brightly display your company logo

    For any corporate event, you should ensure that your company logo or name is clearly visible by using an illuminated display with the name written in big, bright letters. The display should then be hung over the podium/stage or above the entrance or where your centre of attraction will be.

  2. Get people to interact with your brand on social media

    Social media is one of the most affordable ways to raise awareness about an event you are organising. But to fully utilise popular social platforms, you should:

    • Encourage guests to “check in” at your event on Facebook or Foursquare with a reward of some kind
    • Come up with a creative event-related hashtag that will encourage people to share updates on Twitter
    • Get amazing food, drink, and entertainment that will impress your audience and give them a reason to share their sentiments
    • Tweet the activities taking place in real-time
  3. Make everything match

    Your decor, backdrop for the stage, napkins, utensils, food and drinks should all complement your brand, logo, and company image. Beyond using items that are branded with your logo, everything should feature your company colours. From the icing on the cakes to the custom cocktail to the backdrop.

  4. Create interactive activities

    Activities that allow your guests to interact with each other and share their experiences on social media automatically generate user-created content that gets people talking about your brand. You could, for instance, set up a photobooth and create a hashtag that guests can use to share the pictures they take online. If possible, you should also consider setting a photo wall comprising a collage of pictures captured at the event, and livestreaming the event so that loyal customers who could not attend in person don’t feel left out.

  5. Provide giveaways

    Handing out product samples or branded promotional items is one way to ensure that guests leave the event with something tangible to remember you by. But giveaways do not necessarily need to carry a logo, provided they are quality and memorable items. Don’t buy cheap items that will cause your brand to be seen as cheap. Low quality items will also be discarded almost immediately, making them a waste of money in the first place.

Good event branding is all about providing a wonderful and memorable experience that gets your guests interested in what you have to offer and aching to do business with you.

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