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Apr 4
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Five Awesome Themes For Your Next Office Party

Throwing an office party for your employees is easy. Throwing an office party for your employees that they actually want to attend? Not so much. Luckily, we’ve come up with five awesome office party themes that’ll have your employees looking forward to the next bash.

Casino Night:

Instead of throwing a boring office party, have a casino night instead. You can rent tables and slot machines and your employees will have a great time!

Staff do not use real money. Everybody receives funny money and they exchange that money for casino chips. The incentive for your guests to win, is that for every $20 in chips they receive a raffle ticket for an entry to win a prize.

Scavenger Hunt:

Hide 10-15 objects around the office. These objects can be anything from office supplies to chocolate bars – have fun with it. Create a list of clues that will lead to each item and divide your employees into teams. The first team to find all the objects wins a prize. As for the prizes, that is up to you and your budget. Some suggestions would be movie tickets, coupons for a great local restaurant, etc.

Karaoke Jam Session:

We’re not all good singers, but who cares? With a karaoke office party, everyone will want to get in on the fun. All you need is the right equipment which you can rent here.

The great thing about a karaoke party is that you’ll get to see your employees come out of their shell. Plus, you may have an employee who’s a real Celine Dion and can actually belt out the tunes. Have refreshments on hand so no one’s voice gets sore and watch your office turn into The Voice.

The Fair:

Don’t take your employees to the fair, bring the fair to them. With games like bean bag toss and skee ball, your employees will have a great time letting out their child. Have popcorn, snow cones and cotton candy on hand to let them experience a real carnival. If your employees have kids, you can make it an all ages event and let them bring their little ones.

A Trip Around:

People love to eat and try new foods. Instead of catering the party with stale sandwiches, packaged dip and crudités, explore the foods of other cultures. Your employees come from different backgrounds and probably have a favourite dish from their culture. Ask them to whip up their dish and bring it in for the party. Set up tables for the food with little flags of each country represented. By sampling the foods of different cultures your employees will get to experience new tastes and learn about each other.

The point of an office party is to have fun and let your employees blow off some steam. They work hard, you work hard, why not party hard (responsibly) together?

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