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Trendy Party Ideas For 2016
Jun 13
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Trendiest Party Ideas For 2016

You’re looking to host the most fabulous soiree and you want to plan something with style. Here are some must-know entertaining trends for 2016 to help you.

Naked cakes

These cakes are barely there in embellishments. “Naked” cakes are made with a smidgen of frosting (referred to by bakers as a ‘crumb coating’, or none at all. They’re decorated with things like edible flowers and fruit. These are charming cakes with a healthier take, and fit perfectly within the increasingly-popular rustic-industrial decor.

Scientists and techies

Parties based on science and technology are hot right now, especially for kids’ parties. Anything to do with outer space, space travel, or mad scientists are leading themes, especially for children.

However, parties and tech don’t only go together when it comes to themes. People have been using technology to better their event experience with the use of apps. Party planning apps have been gaining popularity this year, and it seems like each month a new one pops up on the market.

Fun and free

It’s not enough to have an entertaining party these days; you have to throw one that keeps your guest’s wallets in mind. Photobooths that are free for your guests to use, giant Jenga or chess sets that they can occupy their time with, drink tickets to prevent them from spending too much at the bar – all of these small elements add up to a great experience for your crowd.

Interactive interludes

There’s more of a connection between guests, food and cocktails this year. Instead of just serving up food and beverages, guests can take a more proactive approach. Let your guests personalize their cocktails with different garnishes, or partake in savory adventures like cooking their own chicken souvlaki at grilling stations. Creativity and interaction is key to an engaging event.

Social and formal

Cocktail parties are making way for their cousins – seated dinners. Formality is pushing casual to the wayside. As for decor – rose quartz, succulents, geometric shapes and more natural, free-form floral arrangements are all the craze.

Unique works

Hosts are looking for new, unique items make their events unforgettable. In vogue are tents with clear tops, tent floors of glass and carpet, and other uncommon coverings. Farm tables and benches are becoming increasingly popular, as is lounge furniture. Lighting is still important and reflects the theme, and bars aglow with lights and colour or custom linens are proving to be hit pieces for 2016.

Gold rush for flatware

Soft, brushed and antiqued gold finishes are being seen a lot in 2016, and muted shades like blush and opal are reinventing the romantic feeling.

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