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How To Arrange An Unforgettable End Of Year Company Party
Dec 19
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5 Things You Need To Do To Make Your Company Holiday Party Memorable

As the end of a busy year approaches and employees look forward to spending more time with their loved ones during the holidays, it’s a good idea to plan an amazing company holiday party to reward your workforce for their continued hard work.

The holiday season is typically merry, so you don’t need to work extra hard to make the company holiday party more fun and exciting. Whether the party will be hosted at the office or at a different location, here are some tips to make it unforgettable:

  1. Choose a great location

    Though you can decorate your cubicles to hold the party in the familiar confines of your office, consider checking out other venues that may make the event more fun and exciting. A museum, for instance, is a great place to hold your annual company party, or some other unique venue offering breathtaking views, cosy lighting or posh seating. Organising the party outside the office is a great way to boost employee morale and get everyone comfortable and relaxed. You can make it even more exciting by having a fun party theme.

  2. Provide a wide variety of foods and drinks

    When it comes to annual company parties, one of the largest centrepieces is the table – where all the food and drinks are placed. Depending on your budget and location menu, you can request as many unique holiday dishes and beverages as possible so your attendees have plenty of choices. Remember to include wine and chocolate.

  3. Photo booth moments

    In addition to hiring a professional photographer to capture moments at the party, you may also consider creating a DIY photo booth with a funny backdrop. Encourage teams and employees to take individual and group photos, and then create a photo wall comprising a collage of photos that people can get a hearty laugh from.

  4. Friendly competition

    Games and competitions provide a great way to boost energy, make everyone relaxed, and promote team building. From renting cool games like pinball to organising scavenger hunts to playing group challenge games, you can easily get people from different departments talking, laughing, and interacting freely with each other.

  5. Gift exchange

    Although a gift swap can stir up a bit of anxiety and fear among employees, a well planned gift exchange with some guidelines can prove to be quite exciting. Brainstorm some meaningful gifts that are both cost effective and memorable. A good idea is a book exchange where colleagues gift each other their favourite books.

Keep in mind that the best company holiday parties are the ones that you invest time in planning. Have a budget, brainstorm different ideas, and consider even the smallest details. A well planned party will make it much easier for everyone to enjoy themselves and create memories.

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