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Brand Your Next Promotional Party
Nov 14
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How To Brand Your Next Promotional Party

If you’re throwing a promotional party to get people interested in your products and services, you’re already on the right track to successful branding. Promotional parties allow you to push your product without overwhelming potential clients. As well, these parties engage your audience. To further promote your products or services at your promotional party, you have to go deep with branding.

Here’s how to effectively brand your next promotional party and get people interested in what you’re selling:

Photo booths

Photo booths are popular for many events, from weddings to Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and corporate functions. More than a passing fad, photo booths give your guests a fun activity to participate in, and a souvenir for them to take home at the end of the night. In order to create brand awareness at your next promotional party, rent a photobooth branded with your website URL and logo. When guests use the booth, they’ll be inundated with your logo. If you include a QR code in the booth where people can scan to edit their photos or upload them to their social media profiles on the spot, you’ll see even more brand engagement.

Branded swag

When people enter and leave your promotional event you need to give them a bag of branded swag. People love getting free stuff no matter what it is so you can giveaway keychains, mugs, water bottles, towels – basically anything that has your logo and URL on it. The bag itself should have your branding on it too.


Every brand has its champion. In order to find yours, look to social media and find your brand ambassadors. These are social influencers that get people excited about your product or service. Influencers attend your events and wear products branded with your logo. The added bonus of having your influencers on hand during a party is that they will tweet and post about the event while it’s happening.

Decorate your heart out

Since this promotional party is being thrown to celebrate your products or services, you need to ensure that the decor is on brand. The banners, posters, table settings and wall hangings on display need to feature your URL and logo. Unless you have a specific sponsor that has requested their logo be displayed, you need to keep the decorations consistent.

If you can swing the photo booth, swag bags, decorations and influential guests, your branded promotional party will be a huge success!

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