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Hosting A Party On A Budget
Sep 5
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How To Host A Party On A Limited Budget

Throwing a party is a lot of fun. You get a chance to provide fun and entertainment for friends and family and putting a smile on all those faces is priceless. What is not priceless, however, is actually executing the get-together. Food, entertainment, photo booths, the costs of throwing a memorable party can really start to add up. If you are planning a party—whether for a birthday or another occasion—and would like to keep to a budget, below are some tips to help you do that.

Save on food. Throwing a party doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to feed people a three course meal. You can either purchase, or make, a small selection of finger foods and desserts to tide people over while they socialize and mingle. As long as there is something to keep stomachs relatively satisfied, you don’t need a big menu to throw a fun party.

Serve breakfast or brunch. If you are going to be serving a meal, breakfast or brunch is your best option because it contains the cheapest options. Just ask anyone who has ever worked at a restaurant that serves breakfast or brunch: these are not the big money makers of the day. Pancakes, fruit juice and scrambled eggs can be made en masse, and don’t cost much.

Choose a budget-friendly location. This is especially easy during the warmer months of the year, when parks and backyards offer more than enough pleasing green space to throw a fun party. A park is a great budget-conscious alternative to a rec centre or other rented party room, because the fun is free.

Choose your theme wisely. It is a good idea to employ colours that correspond to holidays that have occurred or will occur around the same time that you decide to throw your party. This will allow you to pick up cheap decorations and candy to you can pass out party favours to guests at a low cost.

Do it yourself! Spend some time perusing sites like Etsy, Pinterest and party blogs to gather ideas for decorations, food and party accessories. If you have the time, you will almost always end up saving money putting something together yourself, rather than buying everything you need piecemeal.

Throwing a party, despite what many people may think, can be fun and cost effective. You don’t have to break the bank to show your friends and family a good time. Keep in mind the above five tips before you plan your next event, and throw a party that is as fun as it is within budget.

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