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Photo Booth Props
May 9
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Ideas For DIY Photo Booth Props

Photo booth rentals are an entertaining addition to any event, whether at a wedding, a corporate event like a holiday party or a school fair. They are a built-in form of entertainment and are always a hit amongst guests. They add a level of excitement and fun to any event and are an excellent way to create memories that can be held onto long after the event has ended. Depending on your particular party, there are a number of DIY photo booth props that can be used to the photo booth extra fun. Here are some ideas:

Printable Props

Printable props are the number one type of props to go along with a photo booth rental. A simple online search will bring up a lot of printable props that simply need to be printed, cut out and glued or taped onto a lollipop stick or a bbq skewer. They require minimal effort and are very budget-friendly. They can also be tailored to your theme or particular event. Some printable props could include:

Children’s Birthday Parties

Kids love anything Disney or Marvel, so an easy go-to are face printouts of various superheroes and villains, or the hair of different Disney princesses. Your kids will love getting to play the part of their favourite characters, and parents will go home happy with socially shareable photos.

Weddings or Corporate Events

Weddings seem to be ‘anything goes’ these days in terms of what people are using for photo booth props. Anything from mustaches, comically large glasses, top hats, extra large lips, engagement rings, or bow ties can be an easy way to loosen up your guests and get fun pictures to look back on.

Holiday Parties

Depending on the holiday, you can print out traditional icons of the season, like snowmen, Santa hats, or ghost; whatever the season is, get creative with it! Valentine’s Day can have anything from large kisses to heart eye emojis, whereas Canada Day can have maple leafs and sparklers.

School Events

Kids aren’t the easiest people to keep entertained, but a properly stocked photo booth can easily change that. Print the faces of all professional staff (like teachers and principals), adhere them to lollipop sticks, and cut out the eyes so the kids can use them as masks. Whether they’re poking gentle fun or are simply trying to emulate their favorite teacher, students will be lining up for the booth.

Need Additional Ideas?

  • Empty Picture Frames or Empty Mirrors. Depending on the particular frame, these are a great way to add an elegant and vintage touch to your photos – they are especially great at weddings. Simply remove the glass from a picture frame or mirror and viola!

  • Scrounge Your House for Props. One easy DIY prop idea doesn’t take much effort in the crafting department is simply scrounging your home for various props – scarves, top hats, old jewelry or an old ukulele all make great ideas.

If you’re looking to make your next event a success, rent a photo booth! Contact our team of experts at Abbey Road Entertainment for more.

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