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Apr 18
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9 Fantastic Photo Booth Experiences for Your Event

In recent years, technology has enabled us to move forward in so many different ways. Ultimately, it has changed many industries and the events industry is right at the top of this list. Above all else, we have seen the rise of the photo booth because they bring fun and a unique touch to a party, celebration, or corporate event. However, technology has also introduced different options and we supply them all at Abbey Road Entertainment.


Bellow Photo Booth – Hand-crafted and made from maple, cherry, and walnut wood, why not go for a classic-style photo booth? If necessary, you can get a green screen and have even more fun with on-site printing.


Infinite Booth – Offering the newest technology around, the infinite booth uses chroma key technology and others to create GIFs, slow motion videos, light painting, animation creation, and so much more.


Bullet Booth – With this booth, we can bring numerous features to your event with opportunities to live stream, use a green screen, and take advantage of other digital props. Not only this, it is also huge which means that you can fit up to ten people inside!


Flipbook Studio – As kids, we all loved a good cartoon flipbook but with our studio you can actually be in one. With a custom cover and spine, all your guests can leave with a flipbook memento. If you have children attending the event, this is even more perfect!


Green Screen Technology – Despite having a longer history than some of our other choices, green screen technology is still good fun and allows all your guests to broaden their imagination. If they want to be in Egypt next to a pyramid, they can do so!


LED Photo Booth – Although a classic photo booth inside, the outside is top to bottom in LEDs so the colors can match your event. With unlimited printing and shots for around three hours, you could even request a memory book to finish the day with a bang.


360 Degree Slow Motion Video Booth – As the name suggests, this booth allows for the creation of HD slow motion videos. After being uploaded to our micro site, your guests can find their videos and upload them to social media which is great for business!


Mirror Photo Booth – Despite looking like a normal mirror, this photo booth is anything but normal and will surprise guests as instructions soon appear. Offering fun for all, your guests can interact with the touch-screen and sign their name for the photo.


Slide Cam Experience – Finally, this booth adds a boomerang effect to record a clip and then play it normally and in reverse. Once again, it is a unique spin on the classic idea.


As you can see, not all photo booths are the same and you can spruce up your event with a fantastic option from Abbey Road Entertainment. If you have any questions or want more information, feel free to get in contact today; we would love to hear from you.

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