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Cool Ways To Exhibit Your Photobooth Pics
Jun 3
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Cool Ways To Exhibit Your Photobooth Pictures

Renting a photobooth for an event can make the difference between guests getting bored and them remaining engaged and excited. After the event is said and done, they’ll be going home with a great momento of the night. Here are a couple ways to share those memories so the excitement doesn’t end when the booth gets packed up:

String them up

Tumblr and Pinterest are two of the more popular go-to places for bedroom and decor inspiration, and a recurring visual on both is as easy as it is pretty. Hang a line of twine or string on a wall and attach clothespins to the string. Use the clothespins to hold photos, and you have a 30 second DIY that’s perfect for hanging photos in a hipster-chic home.

Useable art

Using your photos on items other than just printed pics is a great way to add personal style to your home. Use your photobooth pictures to create one-of-a-kind items you can wear or use like mugs, T-shirts, bags, journals and other great items. If the photobooth was at a wedding and you took a picture with the happy couple, any of these items would be perfect gifts for the bride or groom on their first anniversary!

Give items their own style

Personalizing your items now goes much further than the stereotypical swag you’d usually find at a company’s promotional event. Why not make a unique skin or cover for your cell phone or laptop bag with your favourite pictures from the party? You can customize pretty much any gadget on websites like Vistaprint, which would make awesome gifts and even better personal keepsakes for yourself.

Share the joy

People love personal thank you’s! As the host of an event, you could use your snaps to create unique, personal thank you cards. Or use them to make your own invitations for your next party. Remember to mail printouts to technologically-challenged friends and family.

Set them in a frame

A single frame is the easiest (and still one of the most appealing) ways you can show off your photo booth shots. A simple dollar store 5×7 frame will allow you to place two rows side-by-side in the frame, or a custom shaped frame from your local arts or framing store will give you a more unique canvas to display them on.

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