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The Pros And Cons Of Digital Vs Printed Photobooths
Aug 8
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Digital Or Printed: What Would Your Guests Rather Have In A Photobooth?

Photobooths have become popular party amenities. As good quality photography equipment has become cheaper and photography technology become more accessible to everyone, photobooths have become a great way to provide both fun and memories during a wedding, office party, or any event in between. Photos can be either digital or printed, it entirely depends on what you are looking to give your guests. Below are some of the pros and cons of digital and printed photos.


Digital photos are always a great option because you can take more of them and they can be stored easily on a memory card. They will also allow guests to take the photos home and touch them up in an after effects program, send them to friends and family members and keep them digitally stored so that they aren’t taking up space in a drawer. Guests can take a larger number of photos and simply peruse them at their leisure when they get home, deciding on which ones they want to keep and print and which ones don’t make the cut. Digital photographs will also cut down on the amount raw materials that you need to use in order to provide them with a good time. Printing means photo paper and the waste that will be creating.


Print is always a fun option because it lets guests see, in real time, the photos that they have taken. It also will allow them to share their photos with other guests while they are still at the event or party. Print photos are classic and feel less contrived that digital because you have less options for correcting a photo in which you may not be your most photogenic and can easily be placed on the fridge or the mantel when you get home. As mentioned, having a photobooth that creates prints on the spot and ultimately places the environmental burden on the person paying for the booth.

Whether digital, or print, it all ultimately comes down to what kind of party you are looking to throw. If you know your guests are the kind of people who obsessively curate and touch-up every single picture they ever appear in, then giving them the option to do that with a set of digital photographs might make it more enjoyable. If, however, you feel your guests are looking for something more nostalgic, more of a throwback to the era of mall photobooths, or have children that would get a thrill out of the novelty of being able to hold their photos in their hand, print could be your best option.

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