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The Pros And Cons Of DIY Photobooths
Aug 1
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To DIY Or Not To DIY: The Hidden Challenges Of Trying To DIY A Photobooth

From wedding receptions to baby showers, for birthday and anniversary parties photobooths have become a party mainstay in recent years. The ability to let your guests take home physical memories of the party makes a party standout, but renting a photobooth can be pricey. Many people have taken to fashioning together effective DIY photobooths instead, and customize and tailor them to suit their party’s needs. There are, however, some potential pitfalls when putting together a photobooth from scratch. Below are the hidden challenges of trying to DIY a photobooth.

Getting the right camera equipment. The most important element of the photobooth, it should go without saying, is the camera and camera equipment. Most people have cameras, but many people do not have a tripod that extends to eye level, or the remote shutter release for the camera. These become hidden expenses for many unwary photobooth DIY initiates.

Getting the right lighting. A problem that many people have with DIY photobooths is that they fail to recognize the professional quality lighting that comes with the rentals. You can certainly set up your own lighting, but simply using your camera’s flash and not investing in a decent quality soft light will definitely make the photos appear more amateur.

The backdrop. Your DIY photobooth will need a backdrop and this means either purchasing one, or creating one from scratch. This is added time and preparation that you have to budget for when throwing your party and if you don’t have the art and handicraft skills to pull it off, it might turn out sloppy.

Print or digital. Most photobooths come with the option of producing either print or digital photographs. One potential problem with choosing digital is that your guests will not be able to leave with their pictures, unless they’ve brought their USBs and are willing to upload. One potential problem with choosing print is that you are responsible for purchasing the print paper, and you’ve now added another environmental cost to your party.

DIY is fun because it gives you more options and creative avenues to explore when creating your photobooth. You can make them more or less kid- or adult-friendly, depending on your needs, and you don’t have to worry about renting. DIY does, however, imply that you are going to need to recreate and produce the components of a prefabricated photobooth on your own, which could end up costing you money and a lot more time to make it a success.

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