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Superhero Photobooth Ideas For Kids
Jun 17
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DIY Superhero Photobooths For Kids

Both boys and girls love superheroes. So, throwing a superhero birthday party is sure to grab every kid’s attention. To make the party really special, try your hand at a superhero-themed photo booth.

Check out our favourite options for superhero themed parties:

Sensational invitations

Start the ball rolling with invitations sent via email! Not only is it more than acceptable to do these days, it’s free and easy. Finding cool, interactive, gender-neutral superhero invitations online takes only a few minutes, and flare that comes along with them will be better than any paper invitation could provide.

Chalk it up

Chalk is always fun for kids when they’re outside. Secure an extra large piece of cardboard or particle board to a fence, coat it with a layer of chalkboard spray paint, and let the party attendees go to town. This simple, fun idea that would double as an amazing and customized photobooth backdrop!

Make it a banner day

Party banners are easy to make and even easier to customize. For the superhero kind, use old comic book pages cut into triangles. Tape or glue the cutouts onto string, and use a white (or other brightly coloured) marker to write individual letters on each triangle that spell out the kid-of-the-hour’s name. Hang them prominently on your photobooth backdrop for an awesomely unique touch.

Crafty ideas

It’s a craft, a costume, and a take-home gift all in one. Making superhero capes at the the party will delight kids. They can have a superhero dance competition afterwards and then wear their capes home, or could simply use them as a little extra piece of flare in the photobooth.

Add a little colour

For the really young crowd, print superhero colouring pages off the net and let the kids colour them. Hand out crayons and kid-safe scissors to turn them into puppets using construction paper and glue or tape.

Photo booth flash

A mini trampoline would give a great “flying” feel to photobooth pictures! Get a cool background like a city scape and start shooting these little superheroes in action. You could email photos to your guests afterwards as a way to say thank you for coming.

Call the friendly staff at Abbey Road Entertainment for more ideas on making your child’s birthday party one everyone will remember. We want you, your child and guests to have the best day possible!

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