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Apr 11
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Four Types Of Photo Booths Your Guests Will Actually Use

Photo booths make an excellent addition to any party. Whether you’re throwing a sweet 16, bar mitzvah, office holiday party or 60th wedding anniversary, photo booths allow people to capture a fun moment from the festivities. Instead of opting for the traditional mall-style photo booth, try one of the following four types that we guarantee your guests will actually use.

The Red Carpet:

It’s not exactly a photo booth, but the Red Carpet is just as fun. Your guests will have a blast pretending to walk down the red carpet to the big event. Who doesn’t want to feel glamourous and have their picture taken like a star? It may be Callie and Thomas’ wedding, but that doesn’t mean that their guests can’t feel like celebrities, too.

The Slo Mo Booth:

Life moves to fast, especially when you’re having fun, which is why we recommend the Slo Mo Video Booth. Booths like this one allow your guests to turn six seconds of video in 19 seconds of hilarious slow motion movies. They can then share the videos on social media, print a few pics and have a blast while doing it.

The Green Screen:

All you need is a little imagination and your guests can be anywhere they want to be with the Green Screen. Although the Green Screen is not a traditional photo booth, it does let your partygoers have a lot of fun. Green screen photography lets your guests take pictures infront of the digital backdrop of their choosing. Space, the old West, ancient Egypt – wherever and whenever your guests want to go they can go there with the Green Screen. Additionally, this is great for themed parties and makes for the perfect way to integrate the theme of the event into the night.

The GIF Booth:

Gifs are taking over! With a Gif Booth your guests can create their own tiny moments to share with the rest of the party. Live stream the gifs during the party or post them online and see if your event goes viral. The Gif Booth also lets you create a contest and have your guests “like” each gif. The gif with the most “likes” can win a prize.

Whether you opt for the Slo Mo Video Booth, the Green Screen, Red Carpet or Gif Booth, your partygoers are sure to have a good time. Photo booths let people take their guard down and when their guard comes down, the fun begins.

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