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DIY Photo Booth Accessories
Sep 19
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Ideas For DIY Photo Booth Accessories For Your Event

The only thing more entertaining than a photo booth at a party, is a photo booth with great props. Having props adds a whole new dimension of fun, allowing your guests to get creative and let loose with hats, glasses, wigs, and other accessories. If you are on a budget, however, props may fall under the category of “non-essential add-on” and you may simply choose to skip them in favour of a more pressing party element. There are some great DIY accessory ideas if you would like to up the fun at low cost. Below are some of them.

Printable props. Printable props, including moustaches and lips, are a great way to create quick, easy and cheap DIY photo booth accessories. Simply find the ones you like, grab some skewer sticks from your local grocery store, print and cut out the images and tape or glue them onto the end of the stick. Your guests will have a great time playing around with comical oversize features while taking pictures.

Glitter glasses. Glitter glasses are easy and fun. Pick up a couple pairs of cheap sunglasses, some glue and glitter and create funky shades that will go well with any other accessories. Think glitter glasses are only for casual events? Think again. The juxtaposition of glitter shades and printable props at a black tie event is a good way to let everyone know that you don’t have to be serious and sombre at all times.

Confetti. A confetti shower is as straightforward as it sounds. You can rig a bucket of confetti above the photo booth and have someone get ready to pull the other end when it is time to take the picture, releasing a bucket of colourful confetti on the guests below. They have to want to have a bucket of confetti dumped on them, and if they do it’s a fun way to add a bunch of chaotic colour to a photo.

Mobiles. You can create a big hanging mobile with pictures, or other decorations—especially if it’s a festive event during the holidays—with some balsa wood, yarn and glue. If the event is a birthday, use photos of the person as your mobile decorations. Hang the mobile from the ceiling just above head height and let it spin as party-goers take their photos.

There is no need to go out and spend a lot of money on something you aren’t going to be using all that often, and DIY options are a great alternative to that cost. They can be put together for cheap, still add a lot of fun for your guests and add some creativity and thoughtfulness to the party—which goes a long way to showing your friends, family and whoever else is there that you care. Keep the above DIY photo booth accessory options in mind as inspiration for your next party or event.

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