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Photobooths That Your Guests Will Love
Jun 6
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Tips For Creating A Photobooth Your Guests Will Love

Photobooths aren’t just a way to keep your guests occupied during down times at events. They take your event to the next level and create lasting mementos that give your guests an ongoing reminder of how awesome your party was. Here are some ways to maximize what they can do at your event:

Make the photos available to everyone

People participate more when they can see what’s happening. Not only do they want to see their own photos, but others’ as well. Make the photobooth a place where your guests can go to get ideas for their own shots so they can create unique pictures themselves. Seeing images on a large TV screen or displayed on a bulletin board is not only exciting for guests, but it gets their imaginations going.

It’s all about props

Having your own unique props and accessories will give your photobooth a more intriguing appeal. Using things that highlight your theme or items that bringing out your guests’ fun sides creates not only lasting memories, but memorable pictures.

Renting the photobooth for a wedding or birthday party? Print out pictures of the birthday boy/girl or the happy couple and attach them to popsicle sticks to add to your prop pile.

Food and drink areas are best locations for photobooths

Food. Drink. People can always be found in these areas at an event, which is why they’re great spots for a photo booth. Guests can pop in to get a quick photo if the lines for a bite are too long, or they can get a little liquid encouragement from the bar. Whatever the case may be, highly trafficked areas are the best places to set up your booth.

Make sure the booth is in the same area as the event

Who is going to find a photo booth when it’s a part from all the other fun? You’ve taken the time and spent the money for the booth, so you want it in the same area as your event. Placing your photobooth in the hallway forces people to separate themselves from the event, so make sure it’s in the middle of the action, even if it’s not right by the bar.

The time factor

The booth should be operational while any other formal photos are being taken. It’s a great way to pass the time when the guests of honour are otherwise occupied. Once dinner is finished and people have had a few drinks, you’ll find them more apt to use the booth. Make sure it’s still set up well into the evening.

Tell guests about it!

This is one way to get people involved that often goes overlooked: Actually announce the photobooth. Hang signs about it or have the MC make mention of where it is. Also, tell them it won’t cost them anything to use and that it’s there for them to create some fun, lasting mementos of the event. Photobooths are great, but free photobooths are even better!

Three (or more) is not a crowd

Make sure the photo booth can fit more than two people! Many guests want to do this activity in groups. Besides accommodating only a couple people at a time will make the lines longer, creating frustration.

Photo booths are a big part of what we do at Abbey Road Entertainment. Give us a call and we’ll help make your next event memorable for years to come.

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