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Creating Fun Slow Motion Photobooth Themes
Aug 15
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Ways To Theme Your Slow Motion Photobooth

Slow motion photobooths are a fun way to create unique memories at any party or event. Having guests enter the booth, with a screen so the other attendees can get in on the action, can provide all sorts of funny, silly, creative entertainment that will have people talking and interacting all night about the standout performances. Having themes or suggestions for people before they go in can get groups working together to produce something that will be remembered well after the party is over. Below are four ways to theme your slow motion photobooth.

Rock star. To create a rock star theme for your slow motion photo box, head to the dollar store, thrift store, or a costume shop and look for things that are reminiscent of 80s glam rock. This means wigs, shiny t-shirts and some prop instruments so your guests can jam-out, slow-mo, and put on a show for everybody.

Movies. Classic movie-themed parties are always a fun way to relax and get silly with friends and family—so why not incorporate some classic film themes into your photobooth? Throw some costume or dress-up items into a box outside the booth and provide your guests with a handful of scenes from famous films they can act out.

Dance. There are those handful of dances that we all know and love which everyone can get into. The YMCA, Macarena and Funky Chicken dance are sure to be a hilarious hit when performed in slow motion.

Scary. It’s hard for anything to really be truly scary when it’s happening in slow motion. Give your guests some scary Halloween mask options and let them try to see if they can’t do the impossible and frighten someone while moving at an incredibly slow pace. Your guests will have a blast figuring out who’s who.

The fake celebration. Sports highlights, whether they are of goals, or the fans celebrating them, are always more entertaining in slow motion. Tell your guests to reenact a big celebration after an important goal. Their facial expressions and fist pumps slowed down to a few frames per second will really sell their fake excitement to the rest of the party.

Slow motion photobooths create instant fun and can quickly become the focal point of a party. Include some costume and action ideas for your guests and watch everyone get into the fun.

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